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Overcome the Impossible: Tips for Conquering Destiny 2 Lightfall’s Legendary Campaign

by Troy Gloski 06 Mar 2023

Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion has been out for a few days now and we are loving it! The Legendary Campaign is the pinnacle of the game's storyline, and completing it is a major accomplishment. Whether you are solo or in a fireteam, if you're a Hunter, Warlock, or Titan looking to take on this challenge, here are some tips that can help you succeed.

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Destiny 2 Tools and Resources

Experienced Destiny 2 players should know about most of these, but returning players should know about these tools because of how much they enhance the gameplay experience.

DestinyItemManager (DIM) is one of if not the greatest online tool made for Destiny 2. Once you sync your bungie account, DIM will show you everything in your inventory, quests, triumphs, collections, and so much more. Primarily, players will use this tool to transfer weapons from one character to another without having to return to the vault at the tower, but you can also use DIM to create and save loadouts, which is actually a feature that Destiny has added to the game for Lightfall. The in-game loadout system is a really nice addition, but DIM still has so much functionality and user input on which weapons and perks are the most desirable for PVP and PVE that make this tool extremely valuable to new players and veterans who want to feel confident in their loadout choices.

destiny lightfall 2 choices breaks down weapon data and best rolls even further. While DIM will tell you whether a roll in your inventory is good or bad, on you can look up any weapon and find out the most desirable perks and stats for that weapon. After syncing your bungie information, will also be able to show you every version of a specific weapon that you have across all of your characters and in your vault and give each weapon a grade rank based on how good that roll will be in PVP and PVE.

DestinyRecipes has a lot of awesome features, but the one we use the most is the vault cleaner. Veteran Destiny 2 players know the pain of having a full vault, postmaster, or both. Especially now while there is new content to play, no one wants to be wasting their time going through every weapon in their vault to see which ones to keep and which ones to dismantle. DestinyRecipes Vault cleaner can group your weapons and gear but weapon type, archetype, damage type, and more. Using customizable qualifiers, DestinyRecipes will select which weapons and gear you should keep and which are junk, you can then go through the list and make sure it isn’t getting rid of anything you really want. For example, maybe you have a bunch of one weapon but one of them is craftable or the god roll, then you can safely get rid of the others, unless there is a specific roll in there that you like, then you can move it back over to the keep column. After going through the list, there are one-click buttons that allow you to mark everything you want to keep as keep in DIM, lock those items in-game, and mark everything to get rid of as junk and unlock those items. You can then use destiny item manager to search for all items labeled as junk, transfer all those items to a character, and then start mass deleting all junk items, and don’t worry about deleting something you wanted to keep, because everything you marked as keep should be locked so it won’t let you dismantle it. This tool will save you so much time in Destiny 2 so it’s important to know about it. is the best place online to find other guardians to play with in Destiny 2. If you are struggling to solo any mission in the campaign or if you need a fireteam for the upcoming raid,’s fireteam search tool can help you search for fireteams or players to fill out your own fireteam for whatever activity or story mission you are hoping to complete.

Legendary Campaign Team and Class Tips

destiny 2 lightfall

Similar to the Witch Queen legendary campaign, the difficulty of the missions will scale depending on the amount of players in your fireteam. We’ve played through the campaign on all three classes, solo, duo, and in a fireteam of three. The challenge and way that you play are different when you are playing solo or in a fireteam. On solo, enemies will have less health, including bosses, but you will have zero revives in darkness zones. This can be frustrating for some players, who will prefer to play in a squad where you can make a mistake or two and not wipe immediately.

Regardless of what class you play, before you jump into the legendary campaign, go to the Tower and visit Ikora. She’s selling 2 new fragments for all three light-based classes that you will want for your new loadouts.

If you are a player that knows how to get out of a sticky situation and stay alive, you can beat the legendary campaign solo. On Titan, we recommend Void Bubble for survivability with any exotic that boosts survivability. We use One-Eyed Mask, which doesn’t give as much of a damage buff, but it will give you another source of overshields, which can keep you alive. On Warlock, we recommend Solar Well for survivability or if you have the build for it, Stasis Warlock, which was probably our favorite solo class, because all of the freezing turrets really help slow down massive hoards of enemies when you are outnumbered, and you can use your stasis melee to slow down any charging enemies, which without spoiling anything, there are some of those in Lightfall that are very scary. We didn’t play much solo on Hunter, but if we were, we would probably run Arcstrider with either Gemini Jester for more damage or Assassin’s Cowl for invisibility and survivability.

If you are playing in a squad, know that enemies will have more health, and there will be more of them at certain points in the legendary campaign. For those reasons, you can experiment with some higher damage classes and exotic gear. Titan’s can use Cuirass of the Falling Star for more super damage or Heart of Inmost Light for more abilities spam on your class of choice, but if you get into a difficult encounter, be prepared to fall back on Void Bubble as this will keep your fireteam alive. Similarly to solo, we think Stasis Warlock has so much utility that your teammates will love you, but Well and Void Warlock with Nezarec’s Sin also work well. Hunters have a lot of options, but if you want your team to love you, run a void invisibility build, because you can use this to revives your teammates in the stickiest of situations.

In Solos or a Fireteam, you can’t go wrong with whatever class you feel helps you stay alive the most. If you have an awesome solar titan build, go for it. If you love your little arc soul buddy, do you. But know that your class choices and gear will affect your playstyle and some classes will be better than others in certain situations. The classes that we recommended have a high chance of being helpful in most encounters in the legendary campaign.

Artifact and Armor Mods

We’re going to have to write a whole separate blog about the artifact and armor mod changes in Lightfall, but before that, we can give you some tips to help you get the most out of these new perks while you are playing the legendary campaign. Once you unlock the artifact and start acquiring perks, you will notice that they work differently than previous seasons. Artifact mods are now permanently applied and no longer need to be slotted into an armor piece to be activated. This means that once you purchase Overload SMGs and Auto Rifles on a character, any time you equip an SMG or Auto Rifle on that character, that weapon will be able to use Overload rounds. This change opens up a lot of space in some builds, but also means you need to think about which artifact mods to get. Focus on mods that enhance your favorite loadout. For example, if you are a void warlock, and you use all void weapons for Nezarec’s Sin, then acquire the perks that reduce the cost of void armor mods and apply volatile rounds to those weapons.

Armor mods changed drastically in Lightfall. Charged with Light was replaced by Armor Charge, Weapon Surge replaced Font of Might, and Elemental Wells have been replaced by element specific objects such as arc traces and fire sprites. There’s too much here for us to explain or even understand fully at this point. What you should know for the legendary campaign is what armor mods will help you stay alive and get more ammo for your special and heavy weapons. Scavenger, Reserves, and Weapon Surge mods are grouped by damage type. This means that if you have a void special weapon and heavy, you can use Void Scavenger, Reserves, and Weapon Surge to get more ammo for those weapons and do more damage with them while you have armor charge. To get armor charge, we recommend equipping 1 or 2 mods to help make orbs of light, such as the siphon perks in your helmet. Also in the helmet, are Special Ammo Finder, and Heavy Ammo Finder, which can help a lot in some of the longer encounters. For stats, Resilience is always key, so as close to 100 as you can get with mods and then dump any extra stats into something that helps your build. Stasis warlock needs a lot of discipline to be able to use more turrets and Arcstrider Hunters need more mobility to be able to close the gap and use their dodge to recover abilities more often. If you are looking for specific builds that work well for some of the best Destiny 2 players, check out some of our favorite YouTube creators like Aztecross, Datto, and Fallout Plays who will not only tell you why a specific build is meta but link you to the build in DIM so you can easily recreate it on your own character!

Recommended Weapon Loadout

destiny 2 lightfall

Lastly, let’s talk about what weapons you should have on your character when you jump into the legendary campaign. Obviously if you are using DIM you can easily transfer any weapons you need to your character, but these weapons will help make the Lightfall Legendary Campaign easier.

Kinetic Slot: Witherhoard is the GOAT exotic weapon of choice. There are a lot of other great add-clear exotic weapons, but none of them are as easy to use and provide the level of utility that Witherhoard does. Witherhoard grenades make an AOE DOT pool on impact which can be used to take out hoards of adds before they can take a step towards you or it can be used to do damage to a boss without having to stand still and look at them. You can put a Witherhoard grenade on most bosses or at their feet and it will do damage to them while you get to safety. If you have the exotic catalyst unlocked, this weapon will also have auto-loading holster, meaning it will reload itself after being stowed for 3 seconds, which is extremely useful and makes for a fun weapon rotation gameplay loop.

Energy Slot: There are so many free banners in the Lightfall Legendary campaign that ammo is not an issue, even if you run a second special weapon in your energy slot. We used a crafted Hollow Denial Void Trace Rifle from Season of the Haunted for most of the campaign because we were using void subclasses and/or void heavy weapons, we were leveling the gun up, and this weapon with dragonfly provides some good sustained DPS and add clearing. We used the trace rifle as a primary weapon, and if we ever ran out of ammo in an encounter, we just switch the Hollow Denial out for our Doom of Celchis Scout Rifle with Dragonfly and Explosive Payload.

Heavy Slot: In our heavy slot, we love Linear Fusion Rifles for damage. We know that rocket launchers are very popular and do a lot of burst damage, but we accidentally kill ourselves with them too often, and we like being able to use a heavy ammo to finish off a charging minotaur at close range without worrying about splash damage. We used a crafted Taipan-4FR Void Linear Fusion Rifle with Triple Tap and Firing Line for most of the campaign. If you are a newer player or you don’t have this weapon, we highly recommend you look up how to craft your own as it’s not very hard and this is a super reliable boss DPS heavy weapon that you can bring to a lot of raid encounters and feel like you are pulling your weight.

This is just the loadout that worked best for us. There are a lot of amazing exotic weapons you could work into your build like Trinity Ghoul, Gjalllarhorn, Xenophage, Sleeper Simulant, and more. The most important parts to remember about building your loadout is to have a balance of survivability, add clear, and boss DPS. We think Witherhoard is a safe option for most players, so we highly recommend giving that a try, especially if you have the catalyst.

destiny 2 lightfall

We’re absolutely loving Destiny 2 Lightfall’s Legendary Campaign. Its a super rewarding challenge that we confidently believe everyone in FreekNation can accomplish with the right strategies and mindset. If you want more tips about loadouts, weapon crafting, armor perks, or if you are struggling with a specific mission, hit us up onTwitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Check out the rest of our blogs to stay up to date on the latest gaming content and join our Twitch streams to watch some always entertaining Destiny 2 gameplay and where we will be giving away limited edition (and sold out) Destiny 2 Lightfall Gear from SteelSeries and KontrolFreek, including a few grand prize kits with all 5 products:(Arctis 7+ Destiny 2: Lightfall Edition, Aerox 5 Wireless Destiny 2: Lightfall Edition, QcK Prism XL Destiny 2: Lightfall Edition, Performance Thumbsticks® Destiny 2 Lightfall Collector’s Edition, and Performance Thumbsticks® Destiny 2 Lightfall Strand Edition) Total Value of these grand prize kits is over $500, so you don’t want to miss out on KontrolFreek’s streams this month!

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