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WWE 2K23 Controller Tips

by Troy Gloski 16 Mar 2023

WWE 2K23 is the latest installment in the popular wrestling video game series. Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting out, understanding the controller settings and tips can greatly enhance your gaming experience. Here are the best controller settings and tips for new players in WWE 2K23.

We haven’t played WWE in a while, so let’s first talk about the basics. Like most games, you move around with the left stick, but in WWE 2K23 you run faster by holding the left trigger while moving around. This can feel a little awkward, especially if your controller or thumbsticks aren’t as grippy as they need to be. Upgrade the comfort and reliability of your controller with KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks and Performance Grips. We recommend Omni Performance Thumbsticks for most sports games, but any stick that feels good on your thumbs and makes your controller fit your hands is the right stick for you!

You can strike your opponent with a light attack by pressing Square (PS5) or X (Xbox) and heavy attack with X (PS5) and A (Xbox). You can modify these light and heavy attacks based on the direction you are holding the left stick. This is a common way to modify attacks in fighting games. With Performance Thumbsticks on your controller you can switch between directional attacks easier and by applying less force with your thumb due to the increased arc distance. This reduces hand strain over time and makes a huge difference in the later rounds of sweaty matches.

Pressing Circle (PS5) or B (Xbox) will perform a grapple, which can be followed up by pressing either light attack, heavy attack, or grapple to perform 1 of 3 grapple moves for your wrestler. If your opponent grapples you, you can prevent the follow up attack by guessing which of the 3 inputs they are going to use and beating them to it. You can Drag your opponent with the Left Stick by holding the Left Bumper after you grapple them. Alternatively, you can press the Right Bumper after a grapple to Carry your opponent around with the Left Stick. While you are carrying your opponent you can use the light or heavy attacks to throw or slam your opponent to the ground.


You can perform a Running Move by running with the Left Trigger and Left Stick and then using light attack or heavy attack. This can be tricky to activate quickly but increasing the precision and control of your movement with Performance Thumbsticks makes it easier. If you run towards objects like rope corners or cages, you can climb up them and then press light or heavy attack to activate a Diving Move.

If you move towards the ropes and press the Right Bumper you will climb to the outside of the ring, from which you can light attack, heavy attack, or grapple your opponent if they are close enough, or you can hold the Left Bumper and an attack to perform a spring attack, if your wrestler is able to. If you are facing an opponent outside the ring, you can still attack or grapple them if you are close enough. Some wrestlers can also perform springboard dives off of the ropes and outside of the ring, by holding the Left Bumper and attacking while running towards the ropes.

Landing basic attacks will build up your special meter. Once your special meter is full, you can hold the Right Trigger and Light Attack to perform your wrestler’s Signature Move. Each wrestler has a different signature move, which you can preview from the pause screen to learn which situation to use your wrestler’s move.

Similarly to signature moves, finishing moves are stored in the bar in the bottom left of your screen. To use one, hold the Right Trigger and Heavy Attack.

When your opponent is laying on the mat, you can press down on the right stick to attempt a Pin. To pin your opponent, you need to time pressing the right stick when the white line is within the green area, which will be larger or smaller depending on the amount of damage they have sustained.

Pressing Right Trigger and Grapple while your opponent is on the mat will activate a Submission timed event, where you and your opponent will franticly mash a specified button to either succeed or break free from the submission.

Each Wrestler has a bunch of awesome Combos, which you can view from the pause menu, but many of them require precise thumbstick and button inputs that will be easier to perform with our grippy omni performance thumbsticks.

wwe2k23 rey mysterio

Pressing Triangle (PS5) or Y (Xbox) when prompted will perform a Reversal counterattack.

Dodge is an incredibly versatile movement and defensive tool, and can be performed by moving the Left Stick the direction you want to dodge and pressing the Right Bumper.

Alternatively, you can also block attacks by holding Triangle (PS5) or Y (Xbox).

Lastly, you can taunt the crowd, your opponent, and even force them to get up off the mat with the D-pad inputs. Be sure to try out all the taunts for each of your favorite wrestlers!

With over 200 superstars to try, there is a lot of fun to be had in WWE 2K23. Try out different wrestlers, taunts, combos, signature moves, and finishing moves. Challenge your friends, tackle the story, or compete online to improve your skills, but be sure to check out KontrolFreeks controller upgrades to improve the comfort and reliability of your controller, because that’s the one thing you don’t want to be wrestling with!

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