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OMG! We Made South Park Controller Thumbsticks With Kenny On Them!

by Troy Gloski 09 Apr 2024
Since it first aired in 1997, South Park has stood as a beacon of irreverence, pushing the boundaries of satire and societal critique. Over the years, South Park has become more than just a cartoon; it's a cultural institution that continues to captivate audiences worldwide. South Park has always had a special connection with video games. Kenny and the gang play video games a lot on the show, and there have been many South Park video games for fans to play over the years. South Park video games cross genres to provide comedy, action, and storytelling, never fearing to stand out among the crowd! 
South Park Controller Thumbsticks Kenny
We are so proud to celebrate South Park and it’s dedicated fanbase with our new South Park: Kenny Edition Thumbsticks! The Kenny Thumbsticks come with 2 Mid-Rise, Hybrid Thumbsticks with a laser-etched Kenny design on the signature orange and brown colors of Kenny’s character design! South Park: Kenny Edition Thumbsticks are available for all PlayStation and Xbox controllers
south park xbox controller kenny
The Mid-Rise left stick improves grip and control of your characters in-game movement. The Mid-Rise right stick improves the accuracy of your attacks and actions with your right analog. These thumbsticks enhance your comfort, control, and accuracy in every game you play, so you don’t die as much as Kenny! 
south park kenny thumbsticks

All of our performance thumbsticks enhance the way you play all types of games, but our Kenny Thumbsticks are the best way to upgrade your controller and show off how big of a South Park fan you are while you play! Pick up a pair of South Park Kenny Edition Thumbsticks today for yourself or any South Park fan you know! 

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