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Omni - Our Best-Selling Low-Rise Thumbstick, Now in 5 Colors

by Jessica Tillery 25 Mar 2020

5 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“The standard thumbsticks on regular controllers can’t beat these Omnis. These are the best low rise sticks I’ve ever tried. I would highly recommend these” - Kristain G.

“I went out and bought these earlier today and they are amazing! As soon as I got home I opened them and put them on my Xbox one controller... Then I got 3 wins...and I'm not even a good player... 10/10 would recommend!” - Whitaker

“I have many pairs of KontrolFreeks but these are no doubt the best. I bought them as soon as they came out and I’m just now going to have to get some more because mine are so worn. Well worth the money!”- John

You heard it here first. Omni is the GOAT and it’s now available in the original blue plus 4 new colors - Red, Purple, Green and Black, only at

Customize your set-up with a choice of colors that match your controller, your favorite team, your nationality, your mood and much more.

Released in 2018, Omni is a tried and true Performance Thumbstick and a favorite of our #FreekNation community. This low-rise thumbstick has a dynamic and versatile design that adapts to pressure, so the more you play, the more comfort and control it provides. Omni features 145% more surface area compared to the original PlayStation4 and Xbox One stock sticks.

Up your game with Omni:

  • Cross-hatch design that adapts to pressure
  • Extra wide, concave surface provides more comfort by adding more surface area
  • Non-slip, proprietary rubber compound enhances grip, no matter how hard you play
  • Little-to-no adjustment period due to adding a minimal height of 4.0 mm
  • Available in 5 colors to set-off your setup, only on

You Could Win Your Perfect Omni Set-Up!

Tweet your perfect color combo to @kontrolfreek using #OmniSetUp and you could be one of three lucky gamers to win both colors. Giveaway ends March 30, 2020.

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