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How to Raze Hell in DOOM Eternal – Gameplay Guide, Tips & More

by Brandon Masters 26 Mar 2020

As we're all adapting to a changing world and we adjust to social distancing requirements, a lot of us are falling back on our gaming passions to pass the time and stay connected with friends and family. While we patiently wait for what next-gen consoles will offer, we’re lucky that March has been a great time for games with Animal Cross: New Horizons, MLB the Show, Ori and Will of the Wisps, and DOOM Eternal all releases. We’ve put time in all those games, but we’ll focus on some of the key things you should know in DOOM Eternal if you’re looking to blow off some steam and RAZE HELL.

New To DOOM? It’s All Good!

The story picks up where the 2016 game left off, but that doesn’t mean you need prior Doom experience to fully enjoy Doom Eternal. Its insanely-paced battles and lore-through-codex pickups are plenty for a Doom Noob to learn the story. With that said, all you NEED to know is that we’re here to slay demons with glory kills and fire!

The Action May Be Fast, But Take Your Time

It’s not fully “open world”, but there are hidden discoveries and creatures waiting to slaughter you on every level. If you’re curious enough and are able to survive exploring, Doom Eternal will reward you with perfectly timed extra lives, weapon mods, and extra ammo. It’s not a game to speedrun through on your first go. Every detail is considered and Doom wants you to take your time. The ambient sound design, the music, the graphics are all created for your slaughtering pleasure.

Finely-Tuned for Everyone’s Enjoyment

Descend like a boss and play above your comfort zone: If you play on “normal difficulty” in other games, try “Ultra Violence”, if you play on “hard”, try “Nightmare”. The in-game difficulty settings allow you to scale to your comfort level - so if you find it a little too easy to wreck all those demonic beasts, pause the game and give yourself a challenge. You can change the difficulty mid-level without needing to start over. Regardless of the difficulty you select, there will certainly be some sweaty moments, which leads us to our next tips…

Gameplay Tips and Tricks

After playing for over 15 hours, here is what our team has found to be the most helpful. Let us know what tips you have as well!

  • Movement is Key!
    Don't stay in one place for long and try to position yourself behind cover to target one portion of the wave without taking damage from other sides. After mission 3, you will unlock the Super Shotgun. Use the "Meat Hook" Grappling Hook regularly to close down large gaps.
  • Learn Each Demon's Weakness
    Knowing which weapon or mod to use will help you down big mobs much faster. Pay attention to the help screens in-game to learn each weakness.
  • Cycle Through Weapons to Maximize DPS
    Rotate through your weapons to manage your ammo, use other Weapon Mods while on cooldown, and increase your DPS by reloading less and paying attention to weaknesses. Rotating through weapons will also helps you learn all the different guns and mods early on, without relying on one too heavily. The Frag and Ice Bomb are on separate timers as well, so switch between them often.
  • Best Weapon Mods: Sticky Bombs for Combat Shotgun and Precision Bolt for Heavy Cannon
    These both can be unlocked early in the game and should be a core part of your slayer throughout the game. The Sticky Bombs will likely be your most used weapon mod. Lob a projectile at waves of enemies to watch them turn to vapor or shoot one into a Cacodemon's mouth to trigger a Glory Kill. The Precision Bolt is very useful for disarming specific demons by shooting them in their weak points from range. A sniper is always a nice staple to have, but you could also start with Micro Missiles for Heavy Cannon – which can help deal AOE or take a chunk out of larger demon's health.
  • Best Runes: Chronostrike and Savagery
    Chronostrike is a great first unlock, which slows down time and will help you hit enemy weak points with your Sticky Bombs and Precision Bolt. Savagery is what we recommend to get second, as the animation for Glory Kills can slow you down in the middle of combat. With how often you should be performing Glory Kills, Savagery is well worth the rune slot and will save you lots of time. After those two, its really personal preference and you should pick runes that relate to your play style and abilities you use most often.
  • Use the Entire Kit Often
    Staying stocked on Ammo, Armor, and Health is much easier if you manage your tool kit to strategically replenish these instead of just killing demons. Use Glory Kills and freezing (once upgraded) to get health, Flame Belch to get armor, and Chainsaw for ammo. You can use all three very quickly on a single enemy to replenish them all at once.
  • Fodder enemies continuously spawn in until the Heavy or Ultra Heavy demons are killed. So focus on the more powerful demons and use fodder to get resources.

Picking the Right Gear for the Job

Accuracy matters and is key to surviving the onslaught. Practice makes perfect, and the game has plenty of in-game tuning options so you can customize the aiming mechanics to your liking. But give yourself as big an advantage as possible by equipping the right gear outside the game with KontrolFreek Performance Gaming Gear. In particular, we recommend stocking up on FPS Freek Inferno Performance Thumbsticks to shred enemies in game with maximum precision and Performance Grips, which wick away moisture for added comfort. Let’s be real, you’re gonna sweat some of these battles so give yourself all the help you can get.

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