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Freekweeks - Your Time to Shine

by Brittany Vincent 31 Jan 2022

At KontrolFreek, we'd like to think we know you. No, not your favorite food or the shows you've been binging. We know how you game. We know you, the gamer, and what makes you tick. That’s why we’ve spent years working to make your experience as a gamer the best it can possibly be. That’s how we can stay by your side and keep up with the demands of a tumultuous industry while lifting you up and keeping you outfitted with the best gear possible.

Don’t believe us? We’ll prove it.

Our KontrolFreek hero, so to speak, is a console gamer at heart. We know -- you make up over half of our demographic! -- and you love to connect with friends. You love the thrill of competition, but when it comes right down to it, for you, gaming is all about relaxing and having fun with friends. And while you're going round after round in Warzone with your squad, you need equipment that can perform as well as you do. You need to make sure your friends know you've got their back, with gear like KontrolFreek's Performance Thumbsticks to keep your skills sharp, your thumbs poised and ready, and your trigger fingers icy.

And even still, we know that no matter how important landing that headshot is or coming through with a W is, gaming isn't your first priority. You love to game, but you've got a life to live, too -- we get it! You want the time you can devote to enjoying your hobby to be beneficial, and so do we. That's why we make products to ensure you can maximize every bit of your time spent in-game and make it more enjoyable. For you, and everyone you play with.

We know you need peripherals that give you an edge, and to have fun, overall. We're here for you, and we're always looking for new ways to make that happen. Whether it’s introducing products like our Performance Grips to keep your hands dry and your mind focused, or Precision Rings to help adjust your aim and keep your eyes on the prize, we know you need the right equipment to let your buddies know you mean business, even if victory isn’t always what you’re seeking out. It’s the fun of the game you’re looking for.

See? We know you. And precisely because we know you, we want to celebrate you, and everything about you. For without you, KontrolFreek would just be a brand. Thanks to everything our KontrolFreek Nation has given us, we’re proud to say we’re a community, and for many of us, friends!

That’s where FreekWeeks come in. An annual celebration of the KontrolFreek community, it’s been running for five years now. From now, January 31st, through February 12th, we'll celebrate the fans, promote the talented creators, and highlight the partners that continually show us love and support while working together to make KontrolFreek great!

During FreekWeeks, we've got plenty of fun surprises in store to help celebrate everything that makes you, well, you! And it's not just one week we have in store -- oh, no. It's so nice, we're doing it twice, with two entire weeks of awesomeness to party down with our community. Freekweeks 2022 kicks off with an exciting series of giveaways, creator spotlights, and even a community game night to help gamers like you connect with others. We've even got a very special reveal coming up that you won’t want to miss. Trust us. You’ll want to stick around for this one. So let’s jump into FreekWeeks 2022 with our heads held high, looking forward into a truly excellent future for KontrolFreek. We know what makes you tick as a gamer, and we’re excited to see what comes next of this beautiful thing we’ve got going on here.

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