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The "OG" Returns - Welcome Back Original CQC Performance Thumbstick

by Brittany Vincent 04 Feb 2022
You never forget your first Freek -- KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks, that is. For many of you, that happens to be the CQC, a perennial favorite loved by so many of our community members.

We’re here with fantastic news: we’ve tweaked the Original CQC Thumbsticks so they’re even better than ever. You asked for it, and we listened. Back by popular demand, the Original CQC Thumbsticks are making a major comeback.

Designed for aggressive players who like to be the first on the scene, the first to make a move, and drawing first blood, CQC Thumbsticks rely on a concave thumb surface for excellent comfort, grip, and control. They'll retain their OG mid-rise design, with their classic minimalist look, perfect for (as the name implies) close-quarters combat. Even if your hands start to sweat, your thumbs will stay put thanks to the Original CQC's improved grip.

To FreekNation, the Original CQC Performance Thumbsticks weren't just one great part of the KontrolFreek catalog. For many, there were the thumbsticks, the in-vogue accessories that transformed average gameplay skills in noticeable, sustainable ways. That kept players coming back to these iconic thumbsticks again and again, until we eventually shuffled our product offerings and explored other designs.

Now, the original is back, just in time for its 10th anniversary, and we couldn't be happier. We're ready to showcase the KontrolFreek CQC Performance Thumbsticks for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. It's just like you remember (but better!) and you can use it with your favorite modern console, with a 4th prong for added stability and support so your thumbsticks stay put even during intense matches. The original mid-rise form factor returns, still built for versatility in any game, adding 6.1 mm of height for better precision and control.

This classic accessory has also been supported by pro-players through the years: “‘I've been using Kontrol Freek products, specifically the CQCs since the start of my Professional CoD career and couldn't be more excited for the re-release. Feel like they give me a huge advantage with aim as well as movement and couldn't imagine playing without them! Huge thanks to the guys for providing me with a fresh set for the vanguard season!” expressed Cammy from Toronto Ultra.

At KontrolFreek, we always strive to combine the latest in ergonomics and advanced proprietary materials to give gamers clout in the most effortless manner possible. We want to ensure FreekNation can use Performance Thumbsticks like the Original CQC to enhance the way they game as well as their precision and comfort levels.

After watching the rise and rise of the Original CQC all those years ago and fielding hundreds of questions and comments about how much our loyal customers wanted to see the OG return, we knew now was the right time. And we can’t wait to slide those new CQC models over our favorite DualSense or Xbox controller and see how, while things do change, some of them stay the same, too – in every way you want them to.

Get ready to meet the “new” Original CQC, your favorite, re-energized for a new day and age in the gaming community. We can’t wait to see you fall in love all over again.

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