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Star Wars BattleFront 2’s New Campaign

by Ashish Mistry 20 Nov 2017

SWBF2-website“Only Imperial Storm Troopers are so precise…”

While Star Wars Battlefront provided some much-needed nostalgia and hype for the famous space opera, many gamers longed to explore the Star Wars universe and the rich stories it has to offer. Fortunately, it has been confirmed that Star Wars BattleFront II will feature a single-player campaign that will give players the rare perspective of that of an Imperial officer. This new campaign appears to take players across the galaxy with the protagonist as the leader of the dreaded Inferno Squadron.

The campaign story starts off where Return of the Jedi leaves off. Imperial officer Iden Versio watches as the second Death Star is destroyed and is left to wonder what remains of the Empire without an emperor. From what we’ve seen from the trailers, Versio will be traveling across the galaxy and encountering several iconic characters, from Han Solo to Maz Kanata. Players won’t just be limited playing Versio, with some chapters featuring other heroes. Not only is Iden Versio the protagonist of the main story, but if you find yourself getting attached, she is actually available as a hero when you are playing multiplayer.

The story itself deals with a galaxy far far away that has to come to terms with a massive power vacuum with the absence of the emperor. The Inferno Squad is tasked with fulfilling the Emperor’s final wish after his demise. Versio is completely dedicated to the Empire, but as Inferno Squad is tasked with more and more destructive assignments, she begins to question the methods and objectives of the Empire. While players will certainly be able to embrace their inner dark side for a bit, the story and characters are dynamic and compelling enough make this story a worthy chapter in this wonderful space opera.

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