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Sportswear for eSports!

by Ashish Mistry 27 Jan 2017

Electronic sports, or eSports, has seen massive development in participation and viewership in the last few years. For an industry that started with small LAN parties, it’s inspiring to see how eSports tournaments have become worldwide events, drawing audiences that rival traditional sporting events, with prize pools that can swell into millions of dollars. With this explosive growth set to continue in 2017, it’s clear that eSports are here to stay. As pro teams and players become household names, it’s time to take a look at what it takes to be a pro gamer.

Every sport has its own distinctive gear, designed specifically for the game being played, that includes equipment and apparel. Often, the apparel is just as critical as the equipment. You wouldn’t wear a diver’s speedo to a rugby match (though the results may be hilarious), and you wouldn’t show up for ice hockey in cleats (also potentially entertaining). Despite the growth in eSports, there doesn’t appear to any gear designed specifically for gaming. So we at KontrolFreek decided to take a look at what exactly the right gear for pro-level gaming looks like. What features might give gamers an edge over the competition and let them take their gaming to the next level? After months of development and feedback from pro gamers and top eSports teams, we are proud to introduce our new Performance Gaming Wear™! Featuring the Icon Performance Gaming Hoodie and the Icon Performance Gaming Shorts, KontrolFreek is taking pro-gaming apparel to the next level.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that make our new Icon Performance Gaming Wear the best gear for gaming.

  • DRYV® Technology: Some people may think that gaming is easy, but those people probably haven’t played a stressful match against a team of highly skilled opponents. Anyone who games regularly knows that sweat happens, and you don’t want to blow your next headshot because your finger slipped off the thumbstick. The new performance wear from KontrolFreek features patented fabric panels with DRYV technology that allows you to quickly wipe away sweat and keep you gaming at your best.
  • Ultralight Performance Fabric: Our line features ultralight material designed to keep you cool and comfortable under pressure. How light, you ask? So light our pros said they felt almost naked wearing it.
  • Oversized Hood: Pro-level gaming requires focus, and you definitely don’t want to be distracted by something behind you when you have an opponent in your sight. Unfortunately, the best gaming headsets tend to be bulky, making it difficult to cover up so you can focus in on the game. The Icon Hoodie features an oversized hood that is designed to fit your headphones and keep you covered so you can zero in on the game. Looking like a Sith lord is an added bonus.
  • Motion-Pleated Elbows: The last thing you want when you are gaming is to be restricted. The motion-pleated elbows on the Icon Hoodie will give you the full range of motion for all your gaming needs and beyond.
  • Extra Deep Pockets: A gamer is nothing without their gear, but it can be a hassle for a pro on the go to keep up with all the accessories they need. The Icon Shorts feature extra deep pockets so you won’t ever have to sweat what to do with your controller and other gaming gear between matches.
  • Strategic Cut for Sitting: When you are gaming at your best, you don’t want to be distracted by a little something like discomfort. Our Icon shorts feature specialized cuts, designed to keep you comfortable during any gaming session!

But don’t take our word for it. We got in touch with someone who knows a lot about performance and eSports, Rodger Saffold III, Co-Founder of The Rise Nation and offensive guard for the Los Angeles Rams of the NFL. “Success in eSports is driven by precision and speed. A fraction of a second can be the difference between winning a championship or going home empty handed. KontrolFreek knows that the details matter and it really shows with their new Performance Gaming Wear.”

We know we’ve got the right gear for gaming, and we want to hear what you think! You can take a more in-depth look at our Performance Gaming Wear here. Pick a set up, and see for yourself how it feels to game like a pro!

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