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Review of Loba Andrade the “High Society Thief”

by Luke Panosian 18 May 2020

Season 5 of Apex Legends is officially underway and, there is a brand new character named Loba Andrade, also known as the “High Society Thief”. Loba is equipped with 3 abilities: her tactical, called Burglar’s Best Friend, her passive, Eye for Quality, and her ultimate, Black Market Boutique. All of these abilities have incredible upside in early and late gameplay, so expect to see Loba in almost every team this season.

Loba’s tactical ability, “Burglar's Best Friend,” enables her to toss her teleportation bracelet and jump instantly to where it lands. This is an ability similar to Wraiths “Into the Void” but can be used for all kinds of flanks as she instantly teleports to wherever the bracelet is thrown. Her ability can be used in all scenarios whether you are being pinched and need a quick escape or you are planning an ambush and want to flank an enemy squad.

Loba’s next two abilities are what make her one of the best early game characters in Apex Legends. Her passive ability, known as “Eye for Quality,” allows her to see all nearby epic and legendary loot through walls, doors, and even floors. This becomes crucial in early gameplay as she can even ping the high tier loot to notify her teammates of the loot's location.

Loba’s ultimate ability is called Black Market Boutique and when activated all loot within a specific range is instantly accessible via her staff. Loba and teammates are limited to only 2 selections of loot, but when used early or late in the game it can give you and your squad a huge advantage. The most effective use so far has been to combine her ultimate ability with the new ultimate charge stations to gain high tier loot as soon as your squad lands in a zone. A squad can then dominate hot zones early on and start the match with a huge leg up on the competition.

Loba’s abilities give her nearly endless opportunities to make early and endgame plays, flanks, and even steal the best loot from right under the competition’s noses.

Are you playing Apex Legends Season 5 with the new character, Loba? Let us know by Tweeting us @KontrolFreek with #FreekNation.

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