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Redeeming Your Call of Duty®: WWII KontrolFreek Calling Card

by Ashish Mistry 11 Oct 2017

So you are ready to start taking on the competition in Call of Duty: WWII, but you can’t get started without your exclusive KontrolFreek Infantry Division Calling Card. You can follow these easy steps to redeem the code for your brand new calling card!

  1. Locate your 13 digit Calling Card code on the back of the paper insert inside your FPS Freek® Call of Duty®: WWII thumbsticks.
  2. To redeem your Code and access your Calling Card in-game, visit
  3. Login via your Network or with your Activision Account.
  4. If you do not have an Activision Account, you will need to create one (even if you login with your platform account):
  5. To create your Activision Account:
    – Enter your email and create a password; they will also ask for location, birthday and community name.
    – Verify your email.
    – If not you’re not logged into a platform account, you must select one or more platforms listed to link your Call of Duty® account.
    – Call of Duty only allows one account per platform. You can always edit your profile later to change or add accounts.
    – The site will then take you to your console manufacturer’s site to verify your console login information.
  6. Once you log-on and link your platform, you will see a screen asking you to enter your code.
  7. The item will now be automatically added to your inventory so once you boot up the game, it will be available. Even if you submit the code prior to game launch on 11/3.

Enjoy your exclusive in-game calling card and get back in the fight!

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