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Modern Warfare Control Guide: The Secret to Aim Sensitivity According to the Pros

by Mason Moreau 15 Oct 2019

“KontrolFreek Alpha's plus my preferred 8 hip fire/8.75 ADS sensitivity settings are the ideal way to dominate in BO4. Plain and simple.”

- Simp, 2019 CWL MVP

That's a quote from our pal, Simp. you may have heard of him. As the most recent CWL Champs MVP, Simp knows his way around a controller. Which is why we weren't surprised when he revealed that he doesn't play on 10 sensitivity. Turns out your buddy who boasts about playing on 10 sensitivity is a liar.

But your buddy isn't the only one. There are tons of articles, videos, and reddit threads about which sensitivity setting is the best that it's impossible to believe which one actually works.

But here at KontrolFreek, we cut the bulls***. No math equations or long articles explaining how many precise degrees you'll need to virtually turn in order to pull of the perfect 180 no scope. We're about skills you can actually use so that come October 25, you'll be ready to play with the pros.

We looked into what the most skilled CWL players like Simp do to optimize their settings then put together everything you as an independent player need to know about your sensitivity to make sure that you're hitting the shots you want to. You'll be surprised to find out how simple it really is.

How high is too high?

First off let's address that friend that we talked about earlier. They're not entirely wrong, but if they play on max sensitivity settings, they're most likely doing a lot more work than they need to.

The truth is that there really isn't an objective answer to what the best sensitivity settings are for shooters. It's all about what feels right for you. Simp, Loony, Clayster, Scump, they all play on their own sensitivity settings and none of them play at full 10 hip/10 ads sensitivity. We guarantee it.

It's all About FOV

We don't know if it's confirmed for Modern Warfare yet or not, but plenty of shooters over this past year have taken the effort to add FOV, or field of view, sliders to console gameplay settings. While it may not seem like it at first, this opens up a whole new dimension for sensitivity settings. Essentially, the smaller your your field of view, the quicker it takes you to move your reticle within that field. As a tradeoff though, it will take more time to do a full 180 degree turn. There are whole equations meant to help boil down this ratio. Rather than stumble through explaining them, here's a video from Overwatch Coach and YouTuber ioStux

Full disclaimer: Yes we're aware that DPI does not apply to console players, but the information in the video about FOV and sensitivity still stands.

Matching Up From CoD to CoD

With the release of Modern Warfare only a week away, now is a better time than ever to fine-tune your sensitivity settings. But there's no guarantee that they'll be the same. It's no secret that sensitivity settings vary from game to game. But it's not all about memorizing which settings you've picked. It's more about memorizing how the game feels to play!

Once again it's time to focus on how things feel versus the actual numbers associated to that feeling. We recommend a setting that makes a 180 degree turn when fully turning the thumbstick for just under half a second.

Do you have any more questions about sensitivity settings leading up to Modern Warfare? Let us know in the comments below! Also be sure to check out why we think Modern Warfare is going to shake up CDL 2020

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