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How Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Will Shake Up CDL 2020

by Luke Panosian 09 Oct 2019

First off, they replaced the W with a D

As we approach the official release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, we believe we speak for everyone when we say we are all anxiously waiting for October 25th to get here. Although the game’s release may be the talk of October, there’s something even more pressing in the COD community: Call of Duty’s announcement to franchise their league. Saying goodbye to our beloved orgs. and championship teams will be tough, but we want to keep an open mind. After all, as loyal COD fans we are being introduced to 12 new teams who will now be planting their flag in cities around North America and Europe. 2020 is the start of a new decade, a new Call of Duty league (now called “CDL”), and we are here for it! It’s a better time than ever to be a fan of Call of Duty Esports!

New Game Changes

Before we dive into the changes of the new CDL, let’s talk about the newest addition to the Call of Duty Modern Warfare franchise. In terms of gameplay, Modern Warfare makes several significant changes; you have auto regeneration being reintroduced so goodbye stem packs. Door mechanics and weapon placement will give a new dynamic to how players can strategize especially in team play. Lastly, with player health being lowered, the “time to kill” (or TTK) will ultimately cause slower and more tactical play. In terms of online play, the biggest change will be cross platform play, which means Xbox and PlayStation players can finally go head to head to see which console stands on top.

Even the new map designs are sure to bring their own new set of challenges, and if the beta was any indication, we’re in for some top-notch maps. The new door mechanics also open up new opportunities for player creativity. Speed of entry now changes the rate in which a door opens. So players will have to make sure they think twice before barging into a building to take out a camper and maybe you will catch them by surprise… that is if the claymores don’t catch you first!

New Franchises

The biggest change to Call of Duty’s pro scene is the decision to create a geo-located franchise league which will consist of 12 teams throughout Europe and North America. The decisions to go forward with franchising has had a tremendous impact on all current Esports orgs, as many have decided to not go forward and have a team represented in the new league. The most notable teams not participating in this year’s league are 100 Thieves, Gen G. and 2019’s world champions EUnited.

The new league model will allow existing teams to officially reset, creating an exciting race to sign the best roster for the inaugural 2020 season. It will be a thrilling couple of months as we wait to hear the official roster announcements and see who can put together the strongest roster now that previous team rosters will be completely shuffled. So say goodbye to those historic names such as 100T, FaZe, EUnited and all the other established COD Brands. They will live on in spirit of course but now fans will be picking an allegiance to the city of their choosing. We’ve seen this model work with traditional sports, and we believe it is a great step in the direction of making Esports mainstream. With 100 Thieves bowing out for good and other teams completely shuffling around, this off season has been something to behold, and if you’re not stoked for CDL 2020 yet, you’re surely going to be.

Another change to the structure of the CDL will be the “Path to Pro” system that will be implemented for the upcoming season. Closely resembling how the Overwatch Contenders League currently operates, Path to Pro will essentially act as the minor leagues for those who are trying to prove themselves on the big stage. We think this is a great way to keep current pros sharp by knowing that there are hundreds of highly competitive amateurs who are eager to prove their name as a Call of Duty great if given the opportunity. After seeing the increasing success, the Overwatch League has had in only 2 current seasons there are high hopes for the CDL, and we cannot wait for 2020 to get here!

Which city will you be rooting for FreekNation? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check out last week's post where we broke down why Modern Warfare's Gunsmith hit us in the the feels.

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