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Mastering Mortal Kombat 1: Best Kontroller Settings and Tips for Beginners

by Troy Gloski 18 Sep 2023

Mortal Kombat is a legendary fighting game franchise that has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide since its inception. In a year that has been giving us some of the most memorable gaming stories in recent memory, we would not have guessed that Mortal Kombat would be a part of that conversation. The newest installment in the series, Mortal Kombat 1, delivers on the classic brutal fighting game you expect, but also features an immersive, comprehensive, and engaging single player campaign that plays like an epic origin film for your favorite characters! If you're a beginner looking to dive into the world of Mortal Kombat, understanding the right kontroller settings and learning some essential tips can make your journey much more enjoyable. In this article, we'll explore the best Mortal Kombat 1 kontroller settings and offer some valuable tips to help you get started.

Best Gear to Win More Fights

If you play fighting games, you know how important thumbstick grip and reliability are to honing your skills and perfecting a character. You need your thumbs locked into those sticks for full kontrol of your attacks, combos, and movement. We recommend our No-Slip Thumb Grips for fighting games because the added grip enables more accurate directional inputs while the lower height allows you to change directions quickly for faster combos! No-Slip Thumb Grips are available in Universal, Xbox, PS5, Switch Pro, and JoyCon kontrollers.

Kontroller Settings

Before you embark on your Mortal Kombat 1 adventure, it's essential to configure your kontroller settings to maximize your gameplay experience. Along with movement, Mortal Kombat uses 5 basic inputs, Front Punch, Back Puch, Front Kick, Back Kick, and Block. Using these inputs in combination with each other and directional inputs will produce the various combos that each character features. Depending on which character you are playing, you may want to adjust some of these inputs to make your favorite moves easier to do. Adjust the input window timing based on your preferences. Some players prefer a higher shorter input window for quick and responsive inputs, while others may opt for longer window to avoid accidental button presses. Experiment with different settings to find what suits you best

mortal kombat 1 controller settings

Tips for Beginners

Now that you've set up your kontroller, it's time to dive into the gameplay. Here are some valuable tips to help beginners become skilled Mortal Kombat 1 fighters:

Master the Basics: Start by learning the basic moves for your chosen character. Understand the differences between high and low attacks, as well as punches and kicks. Practice executing these moves until they become second nature.

Special Moves: Each character has unique special moves. Spend time in practice mode to perfect these moves, as they can be game-changers in battles. Knowing when to use them is crucial for victory.

Combos: Combos are strings of attacks that, when executed correctly, can deal massive damage to your opponent. Experiment with different combinations of punches and kicks to discover effective combos for your character.

Blocking: Blocking is a fundamental defensive technique. Hold the block button (usually mapped to one of the triggers or shoulder buttons) to reduce incoming damage. Be patient and wait for opportunities to counterattack.

Spacing and Timing: Mortal Kombat is not just about button mashing. Pay attention to your character's positioning relative to your opponent and time your attacks carefully. Distance and timing can give you a significant advantage.

Practice Mode: Take advantage of the practice mode to hone your skills. Set up different scenarios and practice against AI opponents to refine your techniques.

Learn Fatalities: One of the hallmarks of Mortal Kombat is the ability to perform Fatalities. Each character has their unique finishing move. Memorize the input commands for your character's Fatality so you can use it when the opportunity arises.

Mortal Kombat 1 brings the classic fighting game experience to a new generation of players. By configuring your controller settings to your liking and following these essential tips, you can embark on your journey to becoming a formidable Mortal Kombat warrior. Remember that practice and persistence are the keys to mastering the game, so stay patient and enjoy the thrilling world of Mortal Kombat in this exciting new release!

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