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Soar Over the Competition in Mario Golf: Super Rush

by Brittany Vincent 28 Jun 2021

If you’re planning on hitting the green with the Mario crew, you're going to need to be at the top of your game. Mario Golf: Super Rush just hit the Nintendo Switch, and with it a whole new set of courses to test your mettle.

Nailing the basics of Mario Golf: Super Rush (and using KontrolFreek products!) can make you the top golfer in the entire Mushroom Kingdom. Whether you’re jumping in for a few casual holes or looking to become king or queen of each course, KontrolFreek can help you rise to the top. Here’s an overview of the game and how you can leverage our selection of precision-enhancing products to dominate the competition.

Learn the Basics and Perfect Your Game

The game of links isn't about luck. It's about skill, accuracy, and making the right decisions: the right club, intensity, and the direction you'll hit your ball. You can seek advice from the Toads that are available in the game's various shops. They can advise on course conditions and the clubs most appropriate for each hole, but you’ll still need to learn a thing or two about these details if you want to succeed.

For instance, you might need to opt for a stronger club like a 3 wood when dealing with a course like the Balmy Dunes, where sand is always swirling and the wind is NOT on your side. You'll want to make sure the club you opt for can handle slicing in the sand or cutting through wind shears. Then, you’ll need to make sure you use the right amount of power. You can control the gauge that will eventually send your ball soaring through the air, but maxing it out isn’t always the way to go -- sometimes you need a bit of brevity so your ball doesn’t go out of bounds. Figuring out the sweet spot is tantamount to nailing those shorter holes.

These are all important skills to have, no matter how much you end up playing. It’s the same decision you need to make even on a course where the skies are blue and it’s nothing but green as far as the eye can see. How far do you want the ball to travel? Choose a club with the kind of power that can get your ball across a set of trees and over a river to its destination. All of these little tweaks will ensure you play the best golf game possible -- and using strategic KontrolFreek products can help even more.

Sink That Hole in One With FPS Freek Vortex Performance Thumbsticks

Playing with the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Cons can be a difficult when it comes to sports titles. You want the same grip and precision with those smaller thumbsticks that you can get on larger controllers. And we've got just the thing to deliver it: FPS Freek Vortex, made specifically for the Switch's Joy-Cons. Whether you add them to detachable Joy-Cons or you outfit your Switch Lite with these bad boys, you'll be ready to get that ball in the hole, no matter what obstacles await you.

These thumbsticks have been ergonomically designed to enhance both comfort and precision, offering one domed high-rise stick and one low-rise stick for enhanced aim and accuracy. Your right Joy-Con becomes an exact machine for you to soar high like that Eagle you deserve to land, and the left Joy-Con becomes a comfortable, easy-to-handle controller that you don't have to keep a death grip on.

So, when it’s time to alter course for a swing that forces you to avoid a Piranha Plant or a tough hole that keeps you on your toes with swirling winds while you’re in the rough, you can stay confident that you’ve got the kind of precision that’ll help you get to the top of the leaderboards -- no matter who you’re playing with.

Take a few strokes off your game with FPS Freek Inferno Thumbsticks

If you prefer to play with a Switch Pro Controller, pick up a pair of FPS Freek Inferno Performance Thumbsticks. They're perfect for precision plays, especially when you need to work out the best swing possible. Tweaking where you want to aim that tiny golfball can be difficult enough when you're trying to play with the stock sticks, as they can be less than comfortable and precise.

These concave, high-rise sticks offer an additional 9.9 mm of height to both sticks. That means you've got more real estate to move your thumbs around, which translates to better accuracy and better control. Plus, their proprietary rubber compound helps enhance your grip and reduces the likelihood that your fingers will slip when you're about to pull off a hole in one.

And if you're planning on playing for the long haul, the FPS Freek Inferno thumbsticks even require less force than usual, so you won't be feeling as tired after you deliver a beatdown that deserves a golf clap from Waluigi or Princess Peach.

Tee Off with Precision Rings

Make the most out of every stroke in Mario Golf: Super Rush with KontrolFreek Precision Rings, used in tandem with one of our Performance Thumbsticks, or alone. Precision Rings can be added to your Switch Pro controller to help cushion your thumbstick, which adds resistance and prevents you from over-shooting. In golf, that's a life-saving function.

These rings come in three strengths to fit your personal play style: soft, medium, and hard. The higher the strength, the higher the resistance on your analog stick. You'll have a much quieter controller and better aim, even if you're trying to shoot for a hole that's all the way uphill with strong winds. Master your swing and square those shoulders. Precision Rings will get you there the rest of the way.

Mario Golf: Super Rush is available for Nintendo Switch now.
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