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How to Be a Pro Nintendo Switch Sports Player, From Tennis to Badminton

by Brittany Vincent 04 May 2022

The warmer months are here, and it's time to get up off that couch and get some exercise in. There's no better way to do it than with Nintendo Switch Sports, the successor to Wii Sports. Since its debut 16 years ago, it's remained one of the most ubiquitous titles available on Nintendo's massively popular console. Now, it's been reborn with a whole new set of challenges on Nintendo Switch.

Take a trip to the Spocco Square sports facility, where you can compete in tennis and bowling from Wii Sports as well as chambara, or swordfighting, from Wii Sports Resort. There are also three new sports you can tackle: soccer, volleyball, and badminton. Golf will also be made available in the coming months as part of a free update. All of these sports make use of the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con motion controls, so if you're looking to get a bit of movement in your day as well as some gaming time in, this is a game you'll definitely want to explore.

But if you’re planning on jumping in and getting some practice in so you can own your friends and family while you get in some good, old-fashioned volleyball or some swordfighting, you may need some extra help to help you excel. We’ve got some tips that can help you emerge victorious every time, so you’ll always be known as the resident Nintendo Switch Sports champ in your area.


Tennis is a pretty simple sport to pick up on, as long as you have some rhythm to your serves and your returns. Nintendo Switch Sports uses a 2v2 setup instead of the classic 1v1 version, but that's nothing that will change the game too much for you. What you need to keep in mind is timing. For right-handed players, swing a bit earlier than you usually would if you want to push the ball's trajectory to the left. If you want it to head to the right a bit, swing a little later. Left-handed players can apply the same logic, but reversed. These are easy ways to help swing each game back into your favor if you feel like your serves aren’t going exactly where you want them to.


Swordfighting can be difficult, but not if you understand how to block and counter effectively. You need to know how to approach the situation and how to properly hold your sword. Most of your offensive hits will come from taking a defensive stance. If you see that your opponent is about to swing their sword downward you can block it with a horizontal pose. Swipe in the angle they're holding their sword to avoid being stunned. If you can successfully block and stun your opponent, you have the opportunity to slash and do some serious damage. And that's how you'll end up winning the match. Trade blows just like that until you win.


Bowling is pretty straightforward, especially if you've played the older Wii Bowling minigames in the past. But there's one thing you should try to avoid doing if you want to pull off strikes more often: tossing the ball straight down the center of the lane. More often than not, that ends up getting you a split, and that's very difficult to clear all the pins with. Try angling your throw to the left or right, and put a little curve on the ball by twisting your wrist to get a strike. Angled shots have better chances at netting better scoring-shots, and if you can get multiple strikes, you'll likely beat your opponent.


Unlike in most soccer games, the Nintendo Switch Sports version lets you have subtle control over the ball when you connect with it. So whether you decide to lob the ball, make a low shot, or kick back a high arc that soars over your opponent's head, you can make a shot that steers in the direction you choose. That means after you make your shot you can position yourself for a rebound that might come back your way. Keep the pressure on and you'll soon score on your opponent. It takes plenty of diligence, though, so don't get frustrated if you can't pull it off during your first few matches.


Volleyball, much like tennis, is about blocking shots more than it is taking them. If you can block your opponent from taking a shot, you take away more of their recovery time. You can stand in front of your opponent using your left and right movements when they try to pull of a jump to keep them from making a move. You want to try and keep their spikes from hitting your side of the court and instead bounce off of you to fall on the other side. Keep in mind that jumping to block is your best bet here, and you'll eventually be a volleyball machine.


Badminton is another sport that's like volleyball and tennis, but in Nintendo Switch Sports, you have a bit more precise control over where your shots go. You can twist the tides of battle in your favor by sending drop shots along to your opponent, which forces them to run to the net. Then when they try to return it, you can move your Joy-Con to the right and send a stroke hurtling all the way to the back. That way, they'll be too slow to reach the shuttlecock. And you'll end up watching their strategy crumble. That's the key to victory.

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