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How KontrolFreek's Gaming Lights Can Transform Your Living Room

by Brittany Vincent 28 Oct 2021
Sometimes, the coolest part about enjoying your favorite games at home is the immersion factor. You've dimmed the lights, you're sitting in a comfortable chair, soda and snacks at your side, and you've just started a brand new journey. It feels just like you've entered a different world. With your crisp picture and surround sound, what could make this scene even better? Another way to completely immerse yourself in the action: mood lighting. That's where KontrolFreek's Gaming Lights come in.

Our Gaming Lights are tailor-made for some of the coolest ways you can think of to mesh gaming decor with a customizable lighting experience that'll complete your setup and add to your picture quality. You might not realize it at first, but there’s a science that comes with light placement that enhances the scene you’ve already put together at home. Now that the weather is getting chilly, we’ll be spending even more time chilling out inside -- so make your gaming battlestation the coolest it can be with our Gaming Lights!

Here’s everything they can do for you to improve your TV’s picture, your game’s immersion, and the way you play games.

Enhance each game with multiple color settings

Are you playing a zany, colorful game like Splatoon? Or maybe a more violent, red-tinted game like Doom? Using KontrolFreek's Gaming Lights, you can hook up a USB-powered LED strip to the back of your TV, the wall around it, or wherever you like thanks to two handy sizes: 9ft and 12ft options. You also get a USB power Strip as well as 18in LED strips.

Using all of this, as well as the included 3M adhesive backing, you can stick up your lights to your monitor, TV, console, desk, PC, walls, and more. Start up your favorite game and switch between a variety of different gamin lights to match the action happening on-screen. You'll feel instantly connected to what's going on, and more immersed than ever.

Reduce glare and haze from your display

Once you've gotten your lights hooked up and ready, you can actually work to enhance the way your TV or monitor looks. Our Gaming Lights have performance benefits that can cut down direct lighting of a display's glare and haze, which degrades an image.

If you choose to use backlighting, you'll improve the picture as well as reduce strain on your eye. That's a huge benefit that isn't exactly apparent at first, but if you game in low light or prefer to do so at night time, this is a great choice and an easy way to improve the way things look in your home when it's time to squad up.

Express your mood with Gaming Lights

Sometimes, a little mood lighting goes a long way. The KontrolFreek Gaming Lights can help to put on a show about how you feel. Use red to cast an aggressively strong or happy light on your domicile and show others you mean business, whether you're raiding a dungeon or playing in a team deathmatch. Similarly, choose white light for bias lighting behind your TV or monitor to reduce eye strain and to improve picture clarity when gaming in a darker room.

Blue is the picture of peace and tranquility, while green expresses the feeling of being refreshed as well as balanced. It's a harmonious state of mine. Purple is a power color that also channels your sophistication, then work to solve a difficult challenge with this light shining on. Finally, sunny yellow reminds others you're the center of attention and can quickly energize you.

There are a variety of uses for our Gaming Lights, and all of them can utterly transform your living space, your mood, and even how you interface with a specific game.

Ready to get started? Be sure to head over to our storefront and grab the KontrolFreek Gaming Lights for $29.99. Then make that living room and gaming setup as festive as humanly possible!
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