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Forge Team of the Month: Carnage Gaming

by Luke Panosian 14 Sep 2020

Carnage Gaming was established in September 2018 and immediately began to compete within the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Scene. Carnage was founded by Ivan Montenegro known as KiiNgz within the community. His vision was to establish a home for competitors and others within the esports community to aid in the growth of the Carnage Gaming brand. Within the first year Carnage Gaming established themselves as a strong competitor in Call of Duty by achieving the Call of Duty World League Championship event.

After achieving the Call of Duty World League Championship Event Carnage Gaming began to expand outside of Call of Duty. They entered Gears of War within the Latin America Region and quickly cemented themselves as a competitor within the scene. They also dominated the championship event and took over the challenger scene winning several of the weekly tournaments. Carnage Gaming’s goal remains to continue growing within the scene, currently Carnage Gaming is an active competitor across Paladins by securing the number 2 roster in Brazil. Growth in Gears of War has also remained a priority as they return to the Latin America scene. Carnage Gaming also known as the Red Warriors are a strong contender in PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege, and Magic Esports.

They are often overlooked by many, often seen as the underdogs, and overall, undervalued by the competition. This is what motivates them, this is what allows them to ensure they continue growing, they continue thriving, and above all they continue to establish themselves within the competitive scene. In 2021 Carnage Gaming seeks to produce more content; they have obtained a sponsorship from Black Media Mountain who will aid in their content creation. A special thank you goes out to their supporters and they advise you to stay tuned for what is next.

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