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DreamHack Comes to Atlanta

by Ashish Mistry 21 Jul 2017

There are few examples that highlight the explosive growth of the video game industry and gaming culture better than that of DreamHack. What started out over 20 years ago as a few friends renting out a space in their local school cafeteria to host a LAN party has grown into an international gaming event and the largest LAN party in the world. Year after year, DreamHack has drawn huge audiences from around the globe as the digital festival continues to grow and be held in different countries, as well as adopting new esports into the event. Gaming enthusiasts converge at DreamHack for a weekend of classic LAN gaming, competitive matches, developer showcases and many other events. This July, DreamHack has arrived in KontrolFreek’s backyard in Atlanta, Georgia and we couldn’t be more excited to get there! There’s more to look forward to than just hanging out with us on the show floor, so make sure you check out some these incredible events and attractions when you get to DreamHack!

Esports Tournaments

Every year, some of the best players in the world meet up at DreamHack to compete in the multiple esports tournaments at the event. Ranging from Halo to Tekken 7, and several other titles in between, the competitive scene at DreamHack is always something to look forward to. Whether you are competing yourself or spectating your favorite team, you can expect some stiff competition and thrilling shows at the multiple tournaments this weekend. If you are getting ready for a match, make sure you check out the competitive advantage you can get from KontrolFreek!

24 Hour Lan Party

Despite the growth of DreamHack over the years, at the heart of the event is still the LAN connected gameplay that got the festival started. Hosting a BYOC (Bring Your Own Console) event for participants, gamers can plug into the LAN network and challenge friends and strangers alike. Boasting the world record for the most concurrent devices connected to a network, the LAN party brings gamers closer together doing what we love most, gaming! Whether you are looking for FPS match-ups, a meeting of the minds in a strategy game, or taking on other teams in your favorite MOBA, DreamHack has exactly what you are looking for!


Sometimes it’s good to step away from video games and take a break with a game you don’t have to plug in. DreamHack hosts an absolutely ridiculous game library, as well as a few tabletop tournaments, including Magic: The Gathering. Settlers of Catan, Munchkin, and Fluxx are just a few of the games you can play at the tabletop events at DreamHack!

These are just a few of the great reasons to check out DreamHack in Atlanta! Come for the gaming, the cosplay, the competition, or all of the above. Make sure you swing by the KontrolFreek booth and say hello, and let us know in the comments below what your favorite thing about DreamHack 2017 has been so far!

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