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Upgrade Your Visual Performance in DOOM Eternal with GUNNAR

by Brandon Masters 05 Apr 2020

Written by GUNNAR

It’s that time again, the sun is shining, birds are chirping and this couldn’t be a better time down those demons like only you know how! At GUNNAR, we’re having a hell of a good time playing DOOM Eternal. We know you love this game too, so we wanted to let you in on a little secret about how GUNNAR glasses can help improve your performance AND lets you play the games you love for longer periods of time, without suffering from tired, dry eyes and in some cases headaches. After all, you are preventing the destruction of humanity right now and that’s the most important thing!

See every detail in this hellish landscape with GUNNAR glasses!

There’s nothing worse than clearing the entire stage only to be clipped by that ONE demon that jumped out of nowhere. GUNNAR’s patented lens technology is built with a .2 diopter (that’s a fancy word for magnification) to give you the advantage of visual clarity when all hell breaks loose in DOOM Eternal. You will gain better focus and sharper vision over the long run to zoom in and take out those demons before they get to you first!

Play even longer with comfort.

We’ve all been there, we play games for hours on end to the point where we have to step away because our eyes are hurting. The forces of evil are upon us. With GUNNAR’s patented amber lens you can block out 65% of artificial blue light. In addition to blocking blue light, our glasses are built with a curve to give your eyes full coverage and prevent your eyes from drying out! Blue light from your screen is the main cause of digital eye strain which causes headaches, dry eyes, eye fatigue, and lack of sleep. Equipping yourself with GUNNAR glasses helps you combat those forces of evil – for as long as you damn well want to!

Now that you know how to gain better visual performance in DOOM Eternal, I’d say you’re ready to jump in. As an added bonus, is offering a 15% discount site wide exclusive to only our friends at KontrolFreek.

At checkout, be sure to use code: KF15

Have fun, and we’ll see you in hell!

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