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Upgrade Your Audio Game with SteelSeries Arctis Nova 1X, 1P, 7X, and 7P Headsets on

by Troy Gloski 05 Feb 2023

KontrolFreek is your gold chest for the best controller upgrades to help you maximize in-game accuracy and control, but your controller isn’t the only accessory that can make or break you in modern multiplayer games. Like adding KontrolFreeks to your controller, upgrading your headset is a fast way to greatly improve your gaming experience. You need a good headset to be able to clearly communicate in games where you have teammates. A great headset, however, will enable you to not only optimize your audio experience to immerse yourself more fully in whatever games you play, but and you’ll also be able to hear and locate your enemies quicker and more accurately, which will help you win more!

In December of 2020 KontrolFreek joined forces with SteelSeries, global gaming peripherals masters, with the goal of maximizing our ability to provide the best gaming experiences and products to console gamers. Now, we are extremely proud to offer SteelSeries Arctis Nova 1P, Arctis Nova 1X, Arctis Nova 7P, and Arctis Nova 7X headsets for PS5 and Xbox on

Whether you have a great gaming headset, a good headset, or you play using your TV audio and controller mic (we all have that one friend), we think everyone should check out the amazing features of these SteelSeries Arctis Nova headsets. If you have a great headset, you should consider the seemingly endless battery life, fast charging, and easy to use audio customization options offered with the Arctis Nova 7X and Arctis Nova 7P. These headsets boast a 38-hour wireless battery life, but we swear we’ve used ours for work and gaming for a month without charging it.

If you have any good headset, you will immediately notice the incredible sound quality, comfort, and durability of any of these Arctis Nova headsets. They don’t use cheap plastic pieces that can easily break, leaving you with a wonky headset or in need of another replacement. We confess, we had a whole drawer full of half-broken headsets from high school that we kept around just in case our headset ever broke and we needed something to be able to communicate with our fireteam in the middle of a Destiny 2 raid or something. Those fears and that drawer are no more. We threw those old headsets in the trash after using our Arctis 7P for 2 years with no issues. Lastly, if you are that one friend that plays multiplayer games with with their TV Audio and a controller mic: we love you but please invest in your friends’ ears. Arctis Nova 1P and Arctis Nova 1X for PS5 and Xbox are a steal at $59.99 on These are high-end audio headsets with a noise cancelling mic and superior comfort. Your ears will be thanking you, your teammates will love you, and you will enjoy playing more. We promise.

We’re going to further break down the amazing features of these headsets so you feel confident in which one is right for you and why you should upgrade your audio game.

Arctis Nova 1P and Arctis Nova 1X - $59.99

steelseries arctis 1p

At the lower price point, these headsets makes the perfect gift for any rising gamers and are an affordable and reliable piece of hardware that will improve their gaming experience for thousands of hours.

With the ComfortMAX system, you can easily adjust your headset in 4 ways to find that perfect fit. It also weighs only 236g, making it great even for lengthy sessions. And it has AirWeave Memory Foam cushions so it feels super comfortable but it doesn’t get hot or sweaty on your head.

The Noise Cancelling Mic sounds natural and clear with a broadcast quality, bidirectional mic that reduces noise by up to 25dB. Your friends will notice.

Sport the colors of your favorite console, but they are PC compatible with a 3.5mm jack.

Quickly mute yourself or adjust the volume of the Nova 1 with the easy headset controls.

Pinpoint your enemy's location long before you see them with Sonar a breakthrough in gaming sound.

Arctis Nova 7P and Arctis Nova 7X - $179.99

steelseries arctis nova 7

Step up your game and venture past the mundane with the Arctis Nova 7 gaming headsets. Coupled with the Nova Acoustic System and ComfortMAX, a slew of additional features including wireless capabilities make the Arctis Nova 7P and Arctis Nova 7X the best headsets you can buy for the PS5 and Xbox.

Stay connected to your game audio wirelessly using the lag-free 2.4GHz while you connect to another audio source via Bluetooth with Simultaneous Game and Mobile Audio. Conquer in your game while having a conversation or listening to something on your phone.

Easily bring gaming-grade Quantum 2.0 Wireless to your PC with a USB-C dongle and a USB-A adapter.

The 38-hour long battery life keeps you in the action longer and quickly gets you back in the action with a fast-charging function. Just 15 minutes of charging gives you 6 hours of battery life.

AI-Powered Noise-Cancellation means this ClearCast Gen 2 mic uses AI algorithms to not only silence the noise coming from your end, but also the outgoing noises from your teammates' mics.

All the controls you need are at your fingertips. Adjust volume, ChatMix, Sidetone on PlayStation, answer calls and pair with Bluetooth all without exiting your game.

Which Arctis Nova headset is right for you? Whatever your choice, enjoy Almighty Audio across them all on your favorite gaming platforms. The best part is, you can add any of these award-winning Arctis Nova Headsets from SteelSeries to your cart on today!

Stay up to date with all the freshest gaming news and products from KontrolFreek and SteelSeries. Check out our other KontrolFreek Blogs and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to stay up to date on the latest gaming content and join our Twitch streams for some always entertaining gameplay and opportunities to win free KontrolFreek and SteelSeries products! 

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