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The Race To Prestige 2017

by Ashish Mistry 02 Nov 2017

A new year means a new Call of Duty, and a new Call of Duty means it’s time for the Race to Prestige; now called COD Nation. If this is the first time you are hearing about the Race, every year when a new Call of Duty game drops, streamers and content creators start up the game and rush to build their level to hit the max prestige rank in online multiplayer. KontrolFreek has been preparing for Call of Duty: WWII all year, and we’ve got not one, but two performance thumbsticks specifically designed for the boots-on-the-ground-action in the latest Call of Duty title, the FPS Freek Heritage and FPS Freek Call of Duty: WWII. If you are planning to grind your own rank up to prestige, you can do it in style with an exclusive calling card that comes with every purchase of FPS Freek Call of Duty: WWII to show your infantry division pride!

If you want to check out the action for this year’s Race to Prestige, we’ve got you covered and you can view the entire event below!

The Race to Master Prestige is over. DooM Clan has claimed victory in the Race as of November 9th. After streaming for 6 days, they managed to beat out the competition and seal the win! Congrats to DooM Clan on their 4th consecutive win in the Race to Prestige!

Watch live video from TheRace on

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