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State of the Art: A New Blog Series From KontrolFreek

by Mason Moreau 29 Jun 2018

The FreekNation Deserves It

In an earlier post, we talked about the FreekNation deserving more quality content. It may have seemed like a joke, but we ran with it. And we think we have something you might like.

Here at KontrolFreek we have the privilege of working in an industry that’s constantly changing, innovating, and discovering new ways to advance how gamers play. On top of that games have solidified themselves as a brand new art form requiring a unique set of tools and people who know how to use them. Our position in this industry allows us to see the business AND consumer side of things. So why not give you guys our take on what’s currently driving the art form forward?

Introducing: State of the Art. A brand new monthly blog series dedicated to investigating the past, present, and future of innovation in the gaming industry. Made by industry insiders for our community.

This new series is meant to give you, our community, useful info in an entertaining and semi-anecdotal manner. We’ll be reviewing games, talking about hardware, developers, voice acting, peripherals, retro games, handhelds, and so much more. The topics are basically limitless. As long as gaming changes, State of the Art will change with it.

So how is this going to work?

It’s simple. A new installment of State of the Art will come out on the last Friday of every month. Have a topic that maybe you would want to explore? Tweet at us! Honestly if you’re reading this right now and have no clue how to get ahold of us then you may be in the wrong place (looking at you wordpress spam bots).

We’re really excited to get the ball rolling on this new series of posts, and are looking forward to entertaining our favorite people on the internet: our very own FreekNation.

Next month will be our first post in this series, State of the Art: Virtual Reality.

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