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Our Favorite Reveals From SDCC 2018

by Mason Moreau 25 Jul 2018

Whoa! What a Comic-Con this year! If you’re a nerd like us, then you definitely have you favorite trailers from SDCC all planned out already. Or maybe you missed a lot of the coverage for some reason. Well then leave it to us! Here are a few of our favorite reveals and panels that came out of San Diego Comic-Con this year!


A new Netflix animated show from Matt Groening creator of The Simpsons and Futurama. Forgive us for counting chickens, but there’s no way that this show is going to be bad.

Breaking Bad 10 Year Anniversary

Really? REALLY? Breaking Bad aired 10 years ago? That’s insane. It was such a great experience watching the old cast get back together. Everyone in the office who is running low on stuff to binge has taken a deep dive right back into Breaking Bad for sure.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

We couldn’t be more excited for this game. Spider-Man is back baby! This trailer made us look at our release date countdown timers and break into a cold sweat. Why can’t we just play it now?

Shazam Trailer

Finally, a DC movie that looks like it has character. Shazam looks like a mixture between Man of Steel and Big. We’re all about it. Let’s buy all of the tickets.

Aquaman Trailer

Looks like DC had a huge showing this year! It was their time to shine and they took full advantage. The Aquaman trailer was surprisingly lighthearted. If we weren’t really paying attention before, then we certainly are now.

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