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NHL 24: Best Controller Settings and Tips to Become an All-Star

by Troy Gloski 19 Oct 2023

NHL 24

EA’s NHL 24 is out now and more exciting, realistic, and engaging than ever. While the game mechanics and graphics are integral to its appeal, optimizing your controller settings can make a world of difference in your gameplay experience. To celebrate this newest installment in the beloved franchise and the start of the official NHL season, we prepared some tips and settings suggestions to help you get the most out of this game and improve your skills to become an NHL All-Star!

kontrolfreek sports thumbsticks


First step to play like a pro is to use the equipment the pros use. Look no further than KontrolFreek’s new line of Sports Performance Thumbsticks, specifically designed to maximize Movement Control and Comfort while providing a wider surface area of the industry’s best thumbstick grip material.

clutch thumbsticks


The brand-new Clutch thumbsticks provide maximum surface area for all-star grip and control of your player’s movement and accuracy while playing Sports games. The sports inspired white knob field design locks into the grooves of your thumb for outstanding friction and comfort like a freshly taped and waxed hockey stick!

omni thumbsticks


The Omni thumbsticks upgrade your controller’s grip and comfort to give you elite control and accuracy of your players while playing Sports games. The orange on white cross hatch design works like hockey tape and stick wax to enhance your thumbsticks for more comfort and friction with some eye-catching style.

controller grips


In addition to our game-changing sports thumbsticks, we suggest outfitting your favorite controller with a pair of KontrolFreek Performance Grips (in the color of your choice, of course) to reduce slippage when you're running interference or working toward a field goal. They provide superior grip and comfort, and they stick to your controller without leaving any sort of sticky residue, while wicking moisture away. With these bad boys on your controller, you'll be sure to win more of those close matches.

nhl 24 settings


Before diving into the specifics, it's essential to understand the basics of configuring your controller for NHL 24. Go to the game's settings menu and select Controller Settings. Here, you can fine-tune various elements to match your preferences.

The first step is choosing a control scheme that suits your playstyle. NHL 24 offers two primary options: Skill Stick and Total Control controls. The Skill Stick scheme provides more control over your player's movements and actions, particularly in the offensive zone. The Total Control configuration maps both offensive and defensive skill moves to the face buttons. This aims to make toe drags, between-the-legs shots, one-handed tucks, and lacrosse shots less complex and more achievable with the NHL 24 controls. We recommend players try out the Total Control setting, even if you have experience with the Skill Stick.

Auto Backskate can be a game-changing setting for defensive play. When enabled, it automatically positions your defenders to skate backwards. We recommend turning this off, as it can mess with your defensive coverage of a rush at times.

We can turn off Vibration as it adds no advantage in NHL 24.

We recommend leaving Online Pass Assist Percentage set to maximum (100) as this setting is incredible helpful and should be turned down for no reason.

Leave Human Goalie Covers set to Auto.

Winning faceoffs is crucial in NHL 24, as they can directly influence your team's performance. The game allows you to customize faceoff controls, giving you an edge over your opponents. By adjusting the Faceoff Control Assist setting, you can choose how much assistance you want when taking faceoffs. For more control and skill, consider reducing the Faceoff Control Assist setting. This will allow you to time your faceoff moves more precisely and potentially win more draws.

The decision to manually control your goalie or rely on the AI can be a pivotal one. Manual goalie control gives you full control of your netminder, allowing for advanced tactics and precise saves. However, it can be challenging to master. To take your goaltending skills to the next level, practice manual goalie control, but be patient as it may take time to become proficient.

The right Camera Settings can make NHL 24 much easier and more enjoyable.

Firstly, leave Auto Zoom set to Auto.

For the Camera option, we used to play on Classic, as this is the camera angle we were most used to, but we’ve been trying out Zone, for a wider view of the ice. This camera angle makes it easier to set up breakouts, hit breakaway passes, and establish offensive opportunities.

In NHL 24, mastering the controller settings is as important as understanding the game's mechanics. The right configuration can give you a significant advantage, allowing you to outmaneuver opponents, win faceoffs, and make precise plays. Experiment with the settings, find what works best for your playstyle, and don't be afraid to fine-tune them as you become more skilled.

If you are looking for more controller tips for your favorite games, check out our other KontrolFreek Blogs. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to stay up to date on the latest gaming content and join our Twitch streams for opportunities to win free KontrolFreek and SteelSeries products!

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