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NEW PRODUCTS: Action-Adventure, Sports, and First Person Shooter Thumbsticks and Aim Boost Kits

by Troy Gloski 14 Jul 2023

As the creator of Performance Gaming Gear, we've built the FreekNation community of more than four million gamers. Our mission is and always will be to provide all types of gamers the very best controller and gaming accessories, with a never-ending focus on improving our designs, materials, and products based on customer feedback and industry trends. The First-Person Shooter community was the first to realize how KontrolFreeks can upgrade your play, with pro Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and Fortnite pro players winning tournaments using our thumbsticks. Since then, esports pros, content creators, and everyday gamers from around the world have been joining FreekNation for the best ways to upgrade their controllers and the ways they play their favorite game across all genres!

To celebrate the diverse gamers that make up FreekNation, KontrolFreek is proud to announce 10 New Products designed to provide the best-in-market solutions for Xbox and Playstation gamers looking to upgrade their controllers and the way they play Action-Adventure games, Sports games, and of course FPS games!

kontrolfreek cqc and lotus thumbsticks


Since our first playthrough of Mario 64 and Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Action-Adventure games have provided some of the purest and most memorable gaming experiences of our life. While our products are designed to provide a competitive advantage, Performance Thumbsticks enhance your immersion and gaming experience in Action-Adventure games so much that it’s almost like competing against yourself! Upgrade your controller with a pair of KontrolFreek’s mid-rise Action Adventure thumbsticks and you’ll feel fully in control of your character’s in game movement with all of the added grip and your accuracy will improve when aiming your abilities, attacks, and even navigating inventory menus!

Action Adventure Thumbsticks


The classic minimalist CQC grip upgrades any controller’s thumbsticks to enhance your Aim and Control while playing Action-Adventure games. These thumbsticks look good with any controller, and while they may look simple, they provide top-of-the line reliable grip!

Action Adventure Thumbsticks Lotus


The brand-new lotus design enhances the style and grip of any controller while providing superior Aim and Control in Action-Adventure Games. For those who know that style is sometimes half the battle, Lotus has you covered on both halves. This stunning teal flower design on a clear stem will make any controller stand out and the level of grip and control these provide will make you feel like your thumbsticks are connected to your thumbs for full immersion in Action-Adventure games.

sports controller thumbsticks


The right equipment makes all the difference in sports games. Whether you are playing FIFA, Madden, MLB, NBA, NHL, Golf, Tennis, Rocket-League or any other sports game, our low-rise Sports Thumbsticks increase the grip and surface area of your thumbsticks for hall-of-fame control and precision of your player’s in-game movements and shooting/hitting/pitching accuracy. Upgrade your gear to score more and win more with KontrolFreek’s Sports Thumbsticks.

Clutch Thumbsticks


The brand-new Clutch thumbsticks provide maximum surface area for all-star grip and control of your player’s movement and accuracy while playing Sports games. The sports ball inspired white knob field design locks into the grooves of your thumb for outstanding friction and comfort.

Omni Orange Thumbsticks


The Omni thumbsticks upgrade your controller’s grip and comfort to give you elite control and accuracy of your players while playing Sports games. The sports ball inspired orange on white cross hatch design enhances any thumbsticks for more comfort and friction with some eye-catching style.

FPS Thumbsticks


If you play First Person Shooter games, you should already know that upgrading your controller with KontrolFreeks will enhance your gaming experience in so many ways. Not only will immediately notice measurable improvements in your K/D and win ratio, but your movement will be smoother, your aim snappier, and you will be turning on your enemies with pinpoint precision. KontrolFreek’s First Person Shooter thumbsticks come in mixed height packs and we encourage players to use a mid-rise on the left stick for enhanced grip and control of movement with a high-rise thumbstick on the right stick for enhanced precision and accuracy while reducing hand strain over long gaming sessions due to the increased arc distance. Hit your shots and win more gunfights with KontrolFreek’s FPS thumbsticks.

Black Galaxy Thumbsticks


Our bestselling thumbsticks in versatile black reliably upgrade the precision and grip of your controller for top-tier movement control and aiming accuracy while playing First Person Shooter games.

Frenzy Thumbsticks


Our brand-new FPS Frenzy thumbsticks feature an intricate purple grip pattern that locks into your thumb for top-tier movement control and aiming accuracy while playing First Person Shooter games.

Inferno Thumbsticks for FPS


Our FPS Inferno thumbsticks have been helping FPS gamers upgrade their controller for enhanced precision and grip for years, providing top-tier movement control and aiming accuracy while playing First Person Shooter games.

Aim Boost Controller Kits


Aim Boost Kits from KontrolFreek come with everything you need to improve your aim in First Person Shooter and Battle Royale games. Choose between our 3 FPS Performance Thumbsticks: Frenzy, Inferno, and Galaxy (now in black)! Each Kit also comes with 1 of each strength of our Precision Rings: 1 Hard, 1 Medium, and 1 Soft. Choose your kit to upgrade your controller for enhanced accuracy, precision, and control.

Aim Boost


KontrolFreek FPS Performance Thumbsticks come with 1 Mid-Rise Convex stick designed to increase control and accuracy of your movement controls with the left stick. Each pack also comes with 1 High-Rise stick to increase precision for maximum shot accuracy and improved KD. Both sticks increase the arc-distance of your Thumbstick. This decreases the amount force required to make aim adjustments, which can drastically reduce hand strain over long play sessions. KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks make your controller feel like an extension of your hand.

Aim Boost Kit


The other half of this Aim-Boosting super kit are the KonrolFreek Precision Rings. These stretchy yet durable foam rings can be easily applied to any controller’s thumbsticks to enable you to max out your sensitivity while maintaining accuracy and control. These rings make it so the harder you push on your thumbsticks, the more the material will compact to cushion your stick, adding resistance and preventing you from over-shooting your target. Pro players use this to play on higher sensitivities without sacrificing fine aim precision and control.

Aim Boost Kit


If you play shooter games like CS:GO and Call of Duty or battle royale games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, FPS Aim Boost Kits from KontrolFreek will drastically improve the way you play. With Performance thumbsticks you will feel more in control and accurate than ever over long play sessions. And with Precision Rings you will open whole new possibilities for aiming settings and be turning on enemies so fast they’ll think you’re cheating!


For long-time members of FreekNation, rest assured that these new genre groupings are recommendations for new customers and gamers who are unsure about which thumbsticks they should buy to upgrade their play in whatever games they play. Any of these Performance thumbsticks and Aim Boost Kits will upgrade the way you play any of these genres. If you use Galaxy thumbsticks and Precision Rings while playing Action-Adventure games, we are in no way saying that you are playing wrong or sub optimally. Alternatively, if you want to use our Sports Clutch sticks to upgrade your Call of Duty play, you can absolutely do that and you should experiment with different thumbstick shapes and sizes to find the best fit for the game you are playing

xbox controller

We use different KontrolFreek products for almost every game we play. When playing Action-Adventure games like Hogwarts Legacy, Jedi Survivor, and Diablo IV, we used to use two mid-rise Galaxy Black thumbsticks or even a KontrolFreek No-Slip Thumb Grip on the left stick for increased grip with minimal height change. Now we are using a mid-rise Lotus on the right stick and a mid-rise Frenzy on the right stick and the combination of these two new designs feels so good and looks so cool. When we play Sports games like MLB The Show, Rocket League, or FIFA, we used to be all about the Omnis, which is still a fantastic choice for this genre, made even better with the rad new orange color. But there’s something about the new Sports Clutch design that just screams sports and makes you feel super connected to your thumbsticks and your in-game players. Our most played genre, FPS games, has had a major development. Galaxy and Inferno are two of our most beloved and popular designs and we’ve been playing with Galaxy thumbsticks for the better part of the last decade. Well a new challenger has arrived. Frenzy thumbsticks are absolutely incredible for FPS games. The grip pattern and material provide you with the most reliable grip we’ve ever experienced, and the Frenzy Aim Boost Kit with new Precision Rings colors has everything you need to upgrade your controller and your FPS gameplay for more kills, more wins, and some epic new style. You can’t go wrong with any of these new Performance Thumbsticks and Aim Boost Kits, no matter what genre of game you play, so try some KontrolFreeks and upgrade your play today!

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