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Get Hyped With Us! Announcing: KontrolFreek's Month of Modern Warfare!

by Mason Moreau 19 Sep 2019

Let's wait it out, together.

The road to Call of Duty Modern Warfare has been a long one. Heck, we didn't even know it was coming out until a few months ago! Now we're just over a month away, and what are we going to do until then? Write about it of course!

Introducing KontrolFreek's month of Modern Warfare. Starting September 25, we'll be posting to the KontrolFreek blog weekly with brand new Modern Warfare posts purely to satiate your craving for what's sure to be the fourth Infinity Ward masterpiece.

Getting excited yet? Check out the full road map and teaser of posts below!

The Road Map:

September 25

Beta Impressions

October 2

What Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Need For Speed Have in Common

October 9

How Modern Warfare Will Shake Up Call of Duty Esports

October 16

The Definitive Modern Warfare Control Guide

October 23

5 Real-World Things You Can Do to Prepare Yourself for Modern Warfare

Gear Up

While you're at it, make sure to check out our brand new Modern Warfare Performance Thumbsticks.

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