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Leviathan Raid – Everything You Need To Know

by Ashish Mistry 29 Sep 2017


The raid has arrived! High-level Guardians have already charged the Leviathan to answer the call of Emperor Calus. If you thought that Ghaul was bad, the emperor of the Cabal is even worse and likes things SHINY. Several fireteams have already completed the raid the very same day it was released and the guides are out for other guardians to take on the challenge. If you and your fireteam are working on taking on the raid, check out the FreekNation guide to finishing the job and taking down Calus. If your team is still working on getting their Light level high enough for the raid, check out our recent post for boosting your Light level. You can also pick up an exotic for your controller with the KontrolFreek Ghost!

The Leviathan Castellum
After you make your way past the greeting party at the front gate, the Castellum will be the scene of your first challenge. This first challenge is pretty straightforward, and you will be dividing up into 2 groups gather the banners you need to open the gate. Check out Mtashed below as he demonstrates his method of conquering the Castellum.

The Pools of Sol
Your next challenge will test your fireteam’s ability to hold their position in the face of some extremely tough opponents. The Royal Pools challenge will require Guardians to stand on set pressure plates to expose nine lanterns that you will need to destroy. Teamwork is key as your fireteam will have to maintain a buff to protect them from the environment while taking on some very difficult opponents. You can check Mtashed again with his demonstration on clearing this challenge.

The Pleasure Gardens
Despite the name, this section of the raid is far from pleasant. The Pleasure Gardens are home to some very unpleasant beasts that you are going to have to buff yourself up to bring down. Things kick off in a safe room where 4 Guardians will pick up spores and make their way into the garden. 2 other Guardians will stand above, guiding their team to glowing plants in the garden and away from the 6 deadly Warhounds. As you reach the flowers and gain multiple counts of the buff, you are ready to start attacking the hounds. Rinse and repeat once you hear a howl until all the hounds have been defeated. Sounds simple? Prepare to be surprised. Check out xHOUNDISHx as he demonstrates how to complete this event.

The Gauntlet

It’s almost time to take down Calus, but before that happens you’ve got one more challenge to complete before you get there. This particular challenge isn’t quite as difficult as some previous events, but it will still require your team to be on top of their communication as they make their way through the gauntlet. Two of your teammates will be making their way through a tunnel with a grid of gates blocking your path. The runners will have to call out which gates on the grid have a red circle, and those outside will have to fire at a grid of triangles to open those gates. At the end, the runners will be released and can slam dunk their orbs in the center. 6 orbs down and this event is over.


You’ve made it all the way to the emperor, but your struggle is far from over. Calus is the first and only true boss fight in the Leviathan raid in the sense that to claim victory, you just have to bring his health down to 0. Pulling that off is going to take a little work though, so make sure you’ve prepped with your fireteam before you shoot that cup out of Calus’ hand. Calus will unleash his army of Cabal, and eventually pull you into a different dimension. This is where your team will be splitting up for a bit. You will need to coordinate with your teammates inside the purple dimension to take down particular enemies in the throne room so you can damage the boss. Keep hammering Calus during his damage phase and eventually, you will wear him down and put an end to the emperor of the Cabal. Watch xHOUNDISHx provide a video tutorial for the final fight.

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