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KontrolFreek’s Top Games of 2017

by Ashish Mistry 18 Dec 2017

The year is winding down and a vast majority of the top games of the year have been released. As mentioned in our last blog for Game Awards 2017, this year has been one of the greatest for video games in a very long time. Between the blossoming library of games for the Nintendo Switch, and some incredible new titles for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, several games were released this year that have pushed the boundaries of the industry in exciting new directions. While narrowing down our list to our top pick for 2017 was extremely difficult, these are the KontrolFreek Office’s picks for the favorite games of the year.

Scott M. – Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
wolfenstein-2-trailerWolfenstein II: The New Colossus dropped late in 2017, but it didn’t take long to make it’s way to the top of a lot of people’s list of the best game of year. A compelling story and gripping action combine to take everything the first Wolfenstein got right, then enhance that experience in exciting new ways.

Paris V. – South Park: The Fractured but Whole
spfbw-og-meta-imageSouth Park has been making audiences laugh for years with its often crass humor and social commentary. The Fractured but Whole brings the art and humor to the consoles with an impressively deep RPG. This game has a few moments that are guaranteed to shock you, and you will absolutely never forget playing through this game.

Connie A. + Mary H. – Cuphead
572dc161-0e1c-4ff2-ae9f-bfc4d03ecb08Winning multiple awards, including Best Art Design at the 2017 Game Awards, Cuphead’s unique hand-drawn style and steep difficulty make this game a true work of art. It’s not just the incredible artwork that makes this game great, though. There are few games out there that truly earn their spot in the bullet hell genre more than this artistic game.

Trent M. – Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
zelda-breath-of-the-wildNo discussion of the best games of 2017 would be complete without including Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This game received several awards for 2017, including Game of the Year. Stepping away from the more linear path of previous Legend of Zelda titles, the newest chapter in this famous series offers a vibrant, open world for Link to journey through. If you haven’t explored Hyrule in this incredible game yet, you need to get started ASAP!

Emily S. – Call of Duty: WWII
calling-card-KFCall of Duty has gone back in time, returning to its roots in World War II. While players have their boots back on the ground, the fast action and high-speed gameplay the series is famous for is still right there. We can fully expect to see some great moments in MLG next year, and we even teamed up with Activision and SledgeHammer Games to create a performance thumbstick specifically for CoD: WWII.

Brett L. – Universal Paperclips
titleBrett insisted that we include his new browser-based addiction, Universal Paperclips. This game was released late in 2017 and players quickly discovered that this incremental game is very hard to stop playing. While the browser version is free to play, this addictive game now comes in a mobile version so you can build paperclips to your heart’s content!

Mitchell C. – Horizon Zero Dawn
208745_detailHorizon Zero Dawn features a beautiful and expansive open world, a compelling and unique story, and perhaps most importantly, giant robot dinosaurs! This PlayStation exclusive will have your hands sweating as you stalk mechanic monsters to scavenge their parts, or stealthily avoid a foe that you are not prepared for.

Carlos A. – Super Mario Odyssey
super-mario-odyssey-nba2k18-switch-gadgetsngamingArguably the most iconic character in the history of video games, Mario has returned for a new adventure with his companion, Cappy. Super Mario Odyssey capitalizes on everything that previous Mario titles have done well and kicks the energy up to an entirely new level. In the tale as old as time, Mario is doing everything in his power to rescue to the princess, but in order to do so he will have to take control of his foes and explore exotic new worlds.

Charles H. – Persona 5
Persona-5-againPersona 5 took the spot for Best Role Playing Game at the Game Awards this year. This game is style incarnate, with the graphics and soundtrack combining to make an unforgettable first impression. Like many RPGs, you will have to sink a lot of time into the game if you want to get the full experience, but the dynamic characters and incredible story will keep you wanting to play!

Amy B. – Madden 18
madden-18-brady-ogAnother year means another Madden, and Madden NFL 18 certainly lives up to the legacy of this series. Switching to the Frostbite engine for the first time and including a brand new story mode make for some major new additions to the classic Madden gameplay.

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