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KontrolFreek Game Highlight: Tekken 7

by Ashish Mistry 02 Jun 2017

After much anticipation, Tekken 7 has finally arrived! The KontrolFreek office could not be more excited to get our hands on the newest chapter of this legendary franchise. With over two decades of history to pull from, Tekken 7 has refined all the things that fans love about previous installments and enhanced them with new features never seen before in the series. Before you plug in to fight your friends, make sure you check out our KontrolFreek Game Highlight for more info about Tekken 7 and try out our Performance Grips and Alpha Performance Thumbsticks to get a competitive advantage in the game!

A Legacy of Fighting
The original Tekken was released to arcades in 1994 and quickly became a favorite among fighting game enthusiasts. It was released on the Playstation in 1995 and the series took off to become one of the most iconic fighting games in the world. The original game had a roster of only 8 characters, but each new chapter in the series introduced new fighters, features and storylines to the point that Tekken 7 has released with 38 unique combatants, and additional characters set to be added as DLC content. The release of Tekken 3, widely regarded as one of the greatest fighting games of all time, would permanently cement Tekken as one of the premier franchises in the fighting game genre. The series undoubtedly owes its success to developer Bandai Namco’s ability to not only innovate with new combat elements, but to also refine the core gameplay mechanics that fans fell in love with over 20 years ago.

The Ultimate Revenge Story
From the very beginning, Tekken’s storyline has revolved around the King of Iron Fist Tournament and each fighter’s unique perspective and goals for participating. The series’ primary protagonists tend to follow the Mishima family, starting with Tekken where Heihachi Mishima threw his son, Kazuya, off a cliff when he was a child. Tekken 7 continues the storyline and also features “side missions” that provide some insight into the more obscure characters. We won’t spoil anything for you, but you should definitely hit us up on Twitter and let us know which character’s story episode you enjoy the most!


High Impact Gameplay
One of the things that separates Tekken from other titles in the fighting game genre is the attention to detail and diverse movesets for each character. Every character plays like they have a great weight to them, and the feeling of impact when you land a hit is a testimony to the phenomenal design choices the producer makes. In addition to new characters (including a special appearance by Street Fighter’s Akuma!), Tekken 7 adds two new features to the combat. Rage Art, which allows you to unleash a devastating single attack once your health falls below a certain percentage, and Power Crush, which lets players avoid the stagger effect from their opponent’s strike. Rage Art is sure to add a layer of challenge and strategy for players, as your opponent is at their deadliest when they are near a KO. Overall, the gameplay really hasn’t changed too much from previous installments, but when it comes to Tekken that isn’t exactly a bad thing! We can’t wait to see how competitive scene reacts to the gameplay changes, and with a game that looks this good, it’s almost as fun to watch as it is to play!

Not Always Serious
There’s a lot to love with Tekken 7, whether you are a veteran Tekken player or a first-time fighter. Pro-tip, if your friends think Tekken looks a little too serious, make sure you show them a match between the Alisa Bosconovitch, the pink haired android with chainsaw arms, and Kuma, the bear. There is a character that is actually just a bear. While the storyline for Tekken may be a little grim, the game isn’t afraid to be whimsical and have some fun!

The King of Iron Fist Tournament isn’t going to win itself! Don’t forget to pick up the gear we recommend for fighting games (Grips and Alpha Performance Thumbsticks) to give yourself an edge over your opponents! Make sure you grab Tekken 7 soon and let us know what you think of the new gameplay features, storyline and characters! Drop a comment below and let us know who your favorite player is, and if it’s not the pink haired android with chainsaw arms, you are just wrong!

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