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How to Improve You Aim in Call of Duty

by Brittany Vincent 23 Mar 2022

In Call of Duty, be it Warzone or the latest campaign, precision is everything when it comes to picking off enemies. If you can't line up a member of the opposing team in your crosshairs with at least a little finesse, you're probably not going to perform very well as a teammate. Luckily, if you're not great at aiming, there are a few things you can do to improve. We know that getting better and striving for greatness is important, no matter what game it is that you want to see yourself dominate in.

But as Call of Duty is near and dear to our hearts, we’ve compiled a few simple tips that you can use to improve your aim and, in turn, your overall game. Whether you want to improve your technique for popping off headshots or you want to reduce recoil for shots that do more damage, we've got a few strategies you can implement, including investing in some KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks to give you a leg up on the competition. That’s the first step we recommend, honestly – because we want nothing more than to see you flourish!

Grab Some KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks

Call of Duty Thumbsticks

Want to improve your aim with a product backed by science? We've got your best chance at topping the leaderboards: KontrolFreek's Call of Duty: Warzone Performance Thumbsticks.

If you want to eliminate the competition, you’ve got to add these Performance Thumbsticks to your regular loadout. You get two blue-on-gray hybrid, high-rise thumbsticks per package, and they work especially well when paired with your favorite SteelSeries headset so you can call the shots in your squad, no matter where you are.

This particular model serves up some serious comfort as well as improved grip, and they'll also help you snap to targets in a much quicker and more efficient manner. That extends to improved aim, of course. Put them on your favorite controller (Xbox or PlayStation, we don’t mind!) and watch your K/D ratio improve. They may not solve all your problems, but it’s a great and affordable start!

Aim for the Jaw

Better Aim On Call Of Duty

Everyone knows that a quick way to dispatch enemies in Call of Duty (or any shooter, at that) is to aim for headshots. But it's not always enough to train your crosshairs on enemies' heads. With all the moving everyone's doing in the middle of a match, paired with the way bullets travel (and the almighty lag), just because you aim somewhere, that doesn't mean that's where your round will travel.

For better headshots, you want to actually aim near the lower part of your enemy's jaw. This may sound counterintuitive, but it can actually improve your chances of headshotting the member of the opposing team. So whether you're firing from the hip, sniping, or enacting burst fire, you'll immediately have a better chance at a one-shot kill, as headshots net you. This is a skill you can implement right away and see real results from, too!

Keep Your Sights Trained on Enemy Entry Points

Call of duty entry point

You should always be making it a point to predict where enemies are coming from. Keep your eye on places they could enter the same area you're in: doors, ladders, and other entryways. Train yourself to keep your crosshair pointed at these areas so you have better reaction time when someone does happen to pop up.

That way, if an enemy springs up, you already have your sights trained where they need to be to take down the opposing team. All it takes is a quick pull of the trigger and you can emerge victorious, and improve your accuracy since your gun will already be in the direction it needs to be pointed in. This way, you'll naturally learn to improve your aim by predicting others' movements.

Try Shooting From the Hip

Call of Duty Hip Fire

It can be tempting to aim down your sights for every scuffle you find yourself in. But doing so can actually reduce your accuracy, depending on the situation. Try firing from the hip for close-up engagements and be more judicious about where you're aiming. Use long-range ADS strategies for mid-to-long-range shootouts, as it will ultimately require you to aim in a different manner. The most important thing is where you keep your crosshairs, not whether you actually connect every time. The more you do, the more likely you'll be to hit the next time...and the next.

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