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How To Do All of Your Holiday Shopping Without Letting Go of Your Controller

by Mason Moreau 07 Nov 2019

Time is of the Essence!

There's no place like home for the holidays, right FreekNation? After all, home is where your console is! Although, there's one thing about the Holidays that always seems to take time away from gaming: shopping.

Shopping is a necessary task, though. A thoughtful gift is the best way to show the people close to you that you care, and that's worth the large time commitment!

But you know what else takes time? Gaming! Also, gaming requires your full, undivided attention. No multitasking.

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We get it. The holidays are a busy time, and time is valuable! At KontrolFreek we're all about finding the best and easiest ways to do your holiday shopping. Letting holiday shopping get in the way of that precious gaming time is for the birds, which is why we made it our mission to figure out how to do both. It was a hard task, but we toughed through it and came up with four surefire methods for how to do all of your holiday shopping without letting go of your controller.

Quick note: all of these methods are, in fact, possible. But to be honest, you'd probably be better off just cutting your losses. These tips are for those of us who, for whatever reason, absolutely CANNOT put the controller down.

Method 1: Voice Assistants

It’s 2019 baby! Every popular voice assistant is sophisticated enough at this point to help you shop online without lifting a finger. Obviously Alexa is the VA that’s synonymous with online shopping, but it’s not the only one with some nice bells and whistles. With Siri you can enable a feature that lets you control your whole iDevice with your voice, and Google Assistant’s third party app support is top notch. Pick your best robot friend and get to shoppin!

Method 2: Use Your Feet

Now here's one we bet you haven't thought of.

While you're busy using your hands to grind out battle pass tiers, those feet of yours are being under utilized! Put those little piggies to work by picking up a foot-controlled interface for your laptop so you can browse the internet and game at the same time. Yep, they exist.

Method 3: Console Apps

This one is possibly the most self explanatory. The current generation of game consoles have full internet browsers that you could do your holiday shopping on if you wanted to. Even games like Fortnite have their own gifting options within the game’s lobby screen. Honestly, it's surprisingly easy to shop on consoles regardless of your platform.

    Method 4: Unleash the Pack of Raccoons That You've Been Training In Secret and Send Them on A Shopping Spree

    We take that back. THIS one is the most self explanatory. Finally put that business of trash pandas to work by sending them out to shop while you stay at home and game in peace. Everyone was wrong when they said training raccoons was a bad idea. Now’s your time to show them.

    BONUS: Share our gift guide with your loved ones to help them with their shopping

    What about YOU though? How are you going to make sure that you and your raccoons get what you want for the holidays? Thankfully, we've got you covered too with our very own holiday gift guide. Copy this link & send it over to your mom or grandma to ensure that you cry happy tears when you take a look inside your stocking.

    These were all of the methods we thought of, but what did we miss? Make sure to let us know in the comments below! Happy holiday shopping FreekNation!

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