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Helldivers II Best Stratagems, Modules, Weapons and Controller Attachments for Maximum Democracy

by Troy Gloski 04 Mar 2024

We love most co-op shooter games, but the gameplay loop in Helldivers II is so simple and addicting that it keeps us coming back for more. Unlike some similar games, you don’t need a degree in data analysis to be the best helldiver you can be. Use this tips to buildout your loadout for each mission in the early game, while leveling, and in the endgame to spread maximum democracy! 


Before you dive into any mission, you want to make sure your controller is fully upgraded with the best attachments to set you up for victory. FPS Galaxy Thumbsticks maximize grip, comfort, and precision on any Xbox or Playstation controller. Our Galaxy Thumbstick packs come in Black, White, Purple, and Clear. Each pack contains one 6.5mm Mid-Rise Thumbstick for improved in-game movement control on the left stick and one 10mm High-Rise Thumbstick for increased accuracy and precision on the right stick. Depending on your sensitivity settings, your gameplay might benefit greatly from upgrading your controller with some KonrolFreek Precision Rings. These rings make it so the harder you push on your thumbsticks, the more the material will compact to cushion your stick, adding resistance, which prevents you from over-shooting your target and enables you to play on higher sensitivities without acceleration.



Orbital Precision Strike – Precise strike with a quick cooldown 

A/MG-43 Machine Gun Sentry – Basic Sentry Turret 

B1 Supply Pack – Sharable Resupply Backpack 

Expendable Anti-Tank – Two Single Use Armor Busting Rocket Launchers 


Gatling Sentry – Stronger Sentry, Great For Defending Postitions 

Guard Dog Rover – Helldiver’s Best Friend 

Autocannon – Support Weapon Great For Heavy Armor 

Mortar Sentry – Stay Away From Your Enemies and Watch Them Explode 

Autocannon Sentry – Powerful Sentry For Armored Enemies 


Railgun – Best Support Weapon For Armored Enemies 

Orbital Laser – Tracks and Eliminates Any Foes 

Orbital Rail Cannon – Powerful Single Target Orbital Strike 

Eagle 500KG Bomb – Be Far Away 

Shield Generator Backpack – Keep Those Enemies Off You 


Targeting Software Upgrade – Reduce Orbital Deployment Times 

Liquid-Ventilated Cockpit – Reduce Eagle Cooldown Times by 50% 

Synthetic Supplementation – Sentry Cooldowns Reduced by 10% 

Dynamic Tracking – Reduce Sentry Deployment Time  

Pit Crew Hazard Pay – Reduce Eagle Rearm Time 

Shock Absorption Gel – Increase Sentry Ammo 

Advanced Construction – Increase Sentry Health 

Expand Weapons Bay – 1 Extra Eagle Rearm 


Armor in Helldivers II come in 3 strengths, Light, Medium, and Heavy. Each armor has a stat for Armor Rating, Speed, and Stamina Regen. Heavy armor will generally have a higher armor rating and lower speed and stamina regen, and vice versa for light armor. We recommend Light Armor for almost every mission, because the movement in Helldivers II can seem a little slow and unforgiving at times. When you’re trying to outmaneuver a rampaging Charger, you’ll want that extra speed, and it will cut down on time spent traversing the map for resources and objectives. 

Every Armor also comes with Armor Passive Traits, which can enhance your gameplay. Our favorite Armor Passives increase the amount of grenades and stims you can carry, which can both be immensely useful. You can purchase new armor from your Warbond Progression page, which rotates daily, so keep an eye out for armor with the stats and passives you are looking for! 

You can also purchase new weapons through the Warbond Progression page. We rarely recommend in-game purchases, but Helldivers II is a cheaper game with a lot of potential. The weapons in the Premium Warbond Progression are so good that we recommend purchasing the premium warbonds and unlocking these weapons as fast as possible. 

AR-23E Liberator Explosive – Explosive AR for Armored Enemies 

SG-225IE Breaker Incendiary – Shotgun with Fire Damage for Armored Enemies 

P-19 Redeemer – Automatic Secondary Weapon 

G-10 Incendiary – Fire Grenades for AOE Damage 

Helldivers II is a super fun game to play with your friends and the progression system can really hook you, so get out there and spread some democracy Helldiver! Check out our other KontrolFreek Blogs for controller tips to upgrade your play in your favorite games! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to stay up to date on the latest Helldivers II content and join our Twitch streams for some always entertaining gameplay and chances to win awesome prizes from KontrolFreek and SteelSeries! 

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