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Get Good Aim with FPS Jynxzi Thumbsticks

by Troy Gloski 06 Dec 2023

jynxzi xbox controller


KontrolFreek has been a staple of great FPS gamers for over a decade. We made a name for ourselves in the community by showing how Performance Thumbsticks increase your K/D by an average of 26%. We grew FreekNation to over 4 million strong by enabling pro players, content creators, and all gamers to upgrade their play in whatever games they love. We are so proud to announce our exciting new partnership with one of the biggest Twitch streamers in the world, Jynxzi

jynxzi kontrolfreeks

Nicholas Stewart, better known as Jynxzi, has become not only the largest Rainbow Six Siege content creator, but also the most subscribed Twitch streamer on the platform. His personality and focus on his community are reasons why Jynxzi has amassed over 100,000 Twitch subs for multiple months in a row. Jynxzi started making content in high school. He’s now 22 and showing no signs of slowing down. Whether you love him for his janky and relatable set up, his no holds barred personality, or his epic gameplay in games like Rainbow Six Siege, Jynxzi is undeniably one of the most entertaining streamers out there.

jynxzi xbox pink controller

Jynxzi has been using KontrolFreeks to dominate the FPS scene for over 7 years. For Jynxzi, KontrolFreeks provide an in-game advantage in FPS games, because of speed and efficiency. Jynxzi uses double-high rise thumbsticks on the left and right analog. High-rise performance thumbsticks add around .5 inches of extra height to an ODM analog stick. This added height increases the total arc distance of your thumbstick, which reduces analog resistance and hand strain, while making small aiming adjustments easier to control and enabling you to play on higher sensitivities for faster reaction times! To put it simply, KontrolFreeks make movement and aim on controller, “Way faster, way more efficient, and way more effortless.

jynxzi logo thumbsticks

Inspired by combining elements of his iconic style with our historically popular Rainbow Six Siege Black Ice Thumbsticks (Vaulted), Jynxzi’s FPS Thumbsticks are perfect for gamers who want to get Good Aim like Jynxzi! The High-rise left thumbsticks provides maximum arc distance and grip for minimal hand strain and effort while controlling player movement. A high-rise right thumbstick upgrades precision and grip, enabling you to make faster, easier, and more accurate aiming adjustments. You can also count on KontrolFreeks to always be made with the most reliable, grippy, and durable proprietary rubber materials out there! Experience all the ways that Jynxzi’s FPS Thumbsticks can upgrade your play and give you good aim by listening to the man himself when he says, “If you want to improve at the game, and you want to get better aim, KontrolFreek’s got you covered. I would not be saying this if I hadn’t used these for the last 7 years. Lock in! Cop some KontrolFreeks!”


We are so excited to share these amazing sticks with you all and for Jynxzi to officially join FreekNation! To celebrate the beginning of this epic partnership, KontrolFreek and Jynxzi will be doing giveaways on stream, so if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Jynxzi’s Twitch to get in on the fun! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to stay up to date on the latest gaming content and join our Twitch streams for some always entertaining gameplay and chances to win some Jynxzi Edition First Person Shooter thumbsticks as well as other awesome products from KontrolFreek and SteelSeries!

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