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Get a Grip - How to Change Your Game with Performance Grips

by Brittany Vincent 11 Jan 2022

If you're here, chances are you've probably used KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks before, or you're curious about one of our products. It's easy to see how our special thumbsticks can help you add precision and comfort to any gaming controller, but perhaps you're not as sure how our KontrolFreek Performance Grips can help you change the game.

We're here to (very playfully, of course) tell you in that regard: get a grip! Literally. If you want to improve your comfort, precision, accuracy, and more when jumping in your favorite game, these grips are an invaluable tool for doing so. And when you pair them with the Performance Thumbsticks of your choice? Get outta here. You'll never have felt more at home with a controller in your hands.

Not convinced? That's why we're here! Let's break down why you should get your hands on these bad boys. Don’t worry. We have plenty to go around!

What are KontrolFreek Performance Grips?

Our Performance Grips are advanced grips that you can stick on any of the controllers you use to play your favorite games. They offer a moisture-wicking combination of proprietary materials to help you achieve enhanced grip and comfort, using a honeycomb-shaped polymer outer layer that maximizes your grip and optimizes airflow to keep your hands cool.

There's also a foam cushioning layer that gives you something of a memory foam-like effect, so the grip conforms to your palm and gives you better support. All that, and they're extremely easy to apply and reposition as many times as you need to without having to worry about that gross sticky residue you often see with these types of accessories.

Do Performance Grips help keep hands cool and dry?

Performance Grips will change the game for you—literally! They're perfect for all types of gamers for a plethora of reasons. The number one reason for many of us, especially myself, is to help cool sweaty hands. Let's face it: none of the Big Three's consoles' controllers are exactly good for sweaty hands. Either your sweaty hands make the controller feel wet and sticky, which makes you prone to dropping it, or you get your sweaty, clammy hands all over the controller and add to the natural oils that were already accumulating on it to start with. Neither are optimal situations.

By applying a grip, you’ll be benefiting from the moisture-wicking materials that help wick away wetness from your hands, no matter how into the game you are, or how nervous you’re not going to bring home that sweet W. That means your hands are drier, of course, but they’re also cooler in the first place. The heat that controllers end up generating will be deflected and absorbed by the foam cushioning layer, so you feel cool, dry, calm, and collected. No more controllers slipping out of your hands, and no frustrating, sweaty palms when you’re trying to enjoy your favorite games. And who wouldn’t want that?

Do Performance Grips help you enjoy your games longer?

Absolutely. Holding on to softer grips is a much more favorable situation to holding on to hard, non-malleable plastic, which can fatigue you much faster when you have to grip a controller like that for hours. Think about it this way: You spend a lot of time with a controller in your hands. No matter whether you're playing an RPG, a platformer, or a fighting game, you're going to be holding on to that thing for dear life. Fighting game fans often find themselves gripping the controllers while inputting combos and other precise button presses. You want something to hold on to, and Performance Grips can be that thing, for less than the price of a AAA video game.

In addition to the moisture-wicking materials we spoke about earlier, the grips use a special proprietary honeycomb-stamped polymer outer layer that's not only soft, but it acts like a memory foam mattress. Except instead of conforming to your body and helping you get a good night's sleep, you get a layer of foam conforming to your palm to provide better support and comfort. No matter how long you spend in-game, you’ve got support and cooling, soft grips to keep you from wanting to put the controller down. That means you can play longer, of course.

Are Performance Grips easy on my controllers and simple to remove?

Absolutely. When we tell you to "get a grip," it certainly doesn't have to be forever. That’s one of the best things about our grips. You can change them out to your liking, and if you want to leave them on for long periods of time, you can do that too! You can apply and reapply your favorite grips whenever you want without having to worry about leaving gross residue on your controllers.

They also come in different colors, so if you're not really feeling the one you initially bought, just swap it out for one you like better at a later date for the console of your choice. They also take seconds to apply, but if you don't like the placement you manage in the first place, just take them off and do it again!

So, what do you think? Convinced yet? Are you ready to enjoy cooler, drier hands, play your favorite games longer, and reposition your grips whenever you’d like without having to worry about residue? Don’t wait any longer. Get a grip—grab a Performance Grip today!

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