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Gamer Gift Guide: Game Changing Gifts for Gamers of All Kinds

by Troy Gloski 10 Dec 2022

If you are looking for the perfect gift for any controller gamer on your list, then we have got some game-changing and affordable products that are sure to put a smile on their face! Whether your gamer plays Fortnite, Call of Duty, God of War, or Animal Crossing, we have gifts that will help them improve at whatever game it is that they love and give them something unique to show off to their friends. There are gifts in this list for every gamer, so ditch the gifts cards and let us help you find something that shows you understand them and support the games they are passionate about!

For First-Person Shooter Fanatics

MWII Performance Thumbsticks

If the gamer on your list plays the new Call of Duty Moder Warfare II, these MWII Performance Thumbsticks are the perfect gift. Not only will they help your gamer improve their in-game movement and shooting accuracy, but they are also design to increase comfort and reduce hand strain, by reducing the arc distance of the thumbstick. This set includes two high-rise, hybrid thumbsticks that offer maximum precision and an original, Task Force 141 design from the game that will make their controller cooler than anyone else’s. Additionally, any purchase comes with a code that unlocks an exclusive animated in-game calling card. With these Performance Thumbsticks and in-game Calling Card, your gamer will feel like a veteran, even if it’s their first day playing the game.

KontrolFreek Precision Rings

Pair your Performance Thumbsticks with a pair of Precision Rings. They stretch over your original thumbsticks sit below any of the products you add to them. The harder you push, the more the material they're made of will compact to cushion your stick and add resistance. This will help you to keep from overshooting your target and keep your aim back in the ballpark it needs to be. The rings' material is resistant to both hand and finger oils, dampens sound, and is quick to retain its original shape. Choose from soft (Green), medium (Purple), and hard (Black) and give a versatile gift that an FPS fan will love.

SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7 Wireless Headsets

It's time to go wireless. The Arctis Nova 7 offers unparalleled wireless freedom. With our Simultaneous Wireless feature, the giftee can mix and match two separate devices with their headset. While their gaming device is connected through lag-free, gaming-grade 2.4GHz, they can use Bluetooth at the same time to connect to their phone or any similar device to take phone calls, listen to music or podcasts, without ever stopping their game.

That's not all it does, however. The Nova Acoustic System is a premium-quality audio hardware that includes High Fidelity Drivers for pristine sound. What's more, the microphone is a ClearCast Gen 2 Mic. This newest generation of microphones on the Arctis Nova headset is not only excellent quality, but it is completely retractable for a sleek look. Furthermore, with our free Sonar Software, they can enable AI-powered noise cancellation, which is excellent at quieting down any background sounds, almost magically.

All that comes with great battery life and a high quality, PVD-coated steel headband for durability. With the ComfortMAX System, it's easier than ever to adjust the headset, with various ways to find the perfect fit for the head. The headset is also available in PlayStation and Xbox versions: Arctis Nova 7P Wireless and Arctis Nova 7X Wireless.

If you know you want to get your gamer an amazing SteelSeries headset, but you are looking for an entry level model that is more affordable, check out the Arctis Nova 1P and Arctis Nova 1X Headsets.

For Action and Adventure Addicts

CQC Rush Performance Thumbsticks

These eye-catching white thumbsticks are a great addition to any adventure gamer's controller. Each stick's concave design creates a soft wall that reduces slips, while allowing for faster reaction speeds. The circular pattern also adds increased grip, with a raised edge that can be rotated for full gameplay customization. Both sticks offer added height and a concave design as well that cradle the thumb. They're perfect for games where you'll spend time adventuring and even taking part in a lot of quick-time events.

KontrolFreek Performance Grips

These advanced controller grips can fit on controllers from Xbox Series X to PlayStation 5 and everything in between. You can even opt for thinner grips if these aren't the kind the folks you're buying for prefer. They use a combination of materials that offer better grip, comfort, and support. Best of all, you can place them and re-place them on your controllers over and over without leaving any sticky residue. They're moisture wicking and include a honeycomb-stamped polymer outer layer to optimize airflow while maximizing grip. Choose between purple, red, and grip for further customization.

For Sports and Racing Lovers

Omni Performance Thumbsticks

Sports games and racing titles demand that your thumbs stay on your controller at all times, lest you miss an important turn or fumble a ball. That's where the Omni thumbsticks come into play. They adapt to pressure, so the longer and the more you play, the better they are at keeping you in control. They offer 145% more surface area than regular stock sticks, and they offer support and comfort for longer gaming sessions. Their low-rise profile makes them incredibly versatile, and there's little to no adjustment period since they don't add too much height.

KontrolFreek Gaming Cables

The Next Generation of KontrolFreek Gaming Cables have arrived. Our new cables have been upgraded with advanced specs to facilitate crystal clear gaming and seamless connectivity while gaming on the next generation of consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X as well as PS4, Xbox One, PCs and Nintendo Switch. These cables look and feel like premium quality materials, they perform wonderfully, and they are so durable that these will be the only cables you will need for years. KontrolFreek has high quality versions of all the gaming cables you will need!

12' USB A-to-C Gaming Cable

12’ 8K Ultra Speed HDMI 2.1 Gaming Cable

12’ CAT-8 Ethernet Gaming Cable

12' DisplayPort 1.4 Gaming Cable

12’ USB A-to-Micro Gaming Cable

All these cables make amazing stocking stuffers for any gamer that they are sure to get years of use out of. While we’re on the subject of stocking stuffers, KontrolFreek Gaming Lights are a cheap and festive way to brighten up your gamers cave this holiday season.

Final Tips

All KontrolFreek products make great gifts because they are all $50 or less, and they are compact, so they are easy to travel with! If you are looking for an amazing gift to wow your gamer, check out a KontrolFreek Aim Boost Kit or an Arctis Nova Headset. You can’t go wrong with any of the gifts in this list, just make sure you know what console your gamer plays on, so you get the right products. If they use a controller on PC, find out who makes that controller. All of our controller accessories work for most controllers but you can refer to our Controller Compatibility Guide to ensure that our controller accessories will work with your gamer’s controller. If you don’t know what console they are on or what controller they use, KontrolFreek Precision Rings work with all controller joysticks and Kontrol Freek Cables can upgrade any gaming setup, even if they don’t play on controller.

For additional gamer gift suggestions, check out our Holiday Gift Guide on If you are looking for more KontrolFreek product guides as well as controller tips for your favorite games, check out our other KontrolFreek Blogs. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to stay up to date on the latest gaming content and join our Twitch streams for opportunities to win free KontrolFreek and SteelSeries products!

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