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3 Realistic Predictions for This Year’s E3

by Mason Moreau 17 May 2018

Prediction Addiction.

A year in the life of your average gamer consists of many ups and downs. Winter and fall normally see a steady release of high-quality titles with spring normally providing a few gems here and there. But during the summer it seems like there really aren’t many games coming out at all. Despite this, the dry content desert of the summer months stands at the center of every gamer’s year as they await a brisk oasis of geekdom and hype; also known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

E3 is where the biggest companies in the industry hit the stages to lay out the best of what they have to offer in the coming 12-18 months. It’s the grand opportunity for companies to attempt to make every gamer’s dreams come true, sometimes with hilariously disastrous results.

But for every funny E3 moment there is an equally awesome moment that sparks conversation worldwide. And part of the fun of being a fan who pays close attention to E3 is the speculation. Endlessly obsessing over leaks, social posts, trailers and show info is just in our DNA. But it might take a toll on our expectations.

An outlandish speculation example: “Todd Howard was spotted eating Fish & Chips in London. He must be doing research for a VR Fish & Chips eating simulator! There’s no way I’m wrong and I’m really looking forward to this now!”

Sorry, that just isn’t going to happen. That is why we, the wonderful people at KontrolFreek, have put our boots on the ground to round up some realistic predictions that gamers can be looking forward to this E3.

1. Nintendo will fully reveal Metroid Prime 4 during their E3 presentation, and it will be playable! Also, it will win Game of the Show.

Nintendo has won big with the Switch. No doubt about it. And they’re smart enough to know how to utilize that momentum. It has already been confirmed that Nintendo will only be showcasing games coming out in 2018, and the next iteration of Super Smash Bros. has been confirmed to have a huge showing at E3. So what else are they hiding up their sleeve?

Last year Nintendo officially announced Metroid Prime 4 was making its way to the Switch. It was a great icing on the cake moment at the end of their direct. Based on a leak from Nintendo’s Norwegian site, we can assume that Metroid Prime 4 will be releasing in 2018 (or 2019, but we hope 2018). Which sets it up as primed and ready to be shown off at Nintendo’s presentation this year.

On to the second prediction: that it will win game of the show. Metroid Prime is Nintendo’s Halo. It is a sci-fi shooter series that was groundbreaking when it first came out, but has lost steam in recent years. We haven’t even seen a Metroid Prime game running in any sort of HD yet!

The good people over at Nintendo aren’t stupid. They know that this game could be a console seller, even alongside Super Smash Bros. And with their recent string of successes, now is better than ever for them to bring in some big guns and walk away with the coveted game of the show award.

2. Sony will start it’s press conference by showing The Last of Us 2. Naughty Dog will show gameplay as opposed to a pre-rendered trailer, and it will probably be the best-looking game we’ve ever seen graphically.

Sony’s been on top since the PS4 launched. No doubt about it. And their E3 press conferences have really raised the bar when it comes to classing it up with a live orchestra and rented out theater meant to complement the cinematics. Sony’s press conferences have become the ones you should wear a suit to.

Having said that, their whole show isn’t just steeped in gravitas. Sony have figured out a great balance with their show formula, and it seems like they’re gearing up to do it again. Sony Worldwide Studios’ chairman has already confirmed that there will not be any new hardware reveals at their showcase. No more attacking weak points for massive damage (if you understand that reference just know that we love you).

So much has come out about Sony’s conference in the weeks leading up to E3, and the most prevalent piece of info probably has to be that The Last of Us Part 2 will be the show’s great centerpiece. Sony wouldn’t give their legendary first party studio anything less than a legendary conference showing.

2017’s Sony Press Conference saw a similar trend except with God of War. We got an extensive gameplay demo that blew everyone away with its graphical fidelity and an extended trailer with a release date drop. Will Sony make a similar move for The Last of Us? Our guess is probably. If there’s one thing that Sony is good at, it’s keeping their cards close to their chest until the opportunity strikes to fan them out for the whole table.

3. Microsoft’s press conference will focus solely on first-party games and in-house developers. Exclusives are the name of their game and we’ll find out that there are a ton of Xbox-only games launching soon!

Now on to Microsoft. Who have had a pretty decent 12 months since the last E3. But it’s safe to say that this generation of consoles has been defined by Microsoft picking up the pieces after the disastrous Xbox One announcement show.

Slowly but surely, Xbox is catching up. The Xbox One X was a smart move that solidified their position as the console to pick up if you want the best 4K entertainment; something they have over Sony.

The best way for Xbox to hit Sony where it hurts is to beat them at their own game. We’re talking exclusives across the board. Xbox has convinced us that they can make hardware that gamers will enjoy. Now it’s time to populate that hardware with irresistible titles available exclusively on Xbox.

Game-focused, fun, and exciting announcements are what Xbox needs. Time and time again their shows get bogged down by tech demos and scripted segments. When is Xbox going to pull it together and realize that the games need to come first?

The bottom line is, if Microsoft wants to win back gamers now’s their chance. Microsoft’s performance at E3 this year will determine whether they sink or swim for the remainder of this console generation.

Happy E3 everybody!

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