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Controller Tips for More Crowns in Fall Guys

by Troy Gloski 01 Aug 2022

Fall Guys has been out for nearly 2 years now, and while this charmingly casual battle royale game might seem simple, a lot has changed since launch. In Fall Guys, players race and compete with and against their friends and other players to be the last Fall Guy standing and win the golden crown. Each lobby starts with close to 60 players, but that number dwindles as the lowest performing players are eliminated each mini game. If you want to learn how to survive each course, win more team games, and give yourself a chance at more crowns, check out these tips to win more on controller in Fall Guys.

Fall Guys

Precise Movement is Key
Fall Guys is all about being in the right spot at the right time. One wrong step is often the difference between first place and last. When precise movement is so important, don’t take any chances of your finger slipping or getting fatigued over time. With a pair of Omni Performance Thumbsticks on your controller, you will feel more in control of your Fall Guy on PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch.

Fall Guys

Timing Your Jumps
Other than movement, jumping is the most important controller input in Fall Guys. You maintain speed while jumping and you can jump over obstacles and other players. It’s impossible to win a crown without performing a few well-timed jumps along the way. For that reason, you want to make sure that you spot your landing before any jump. Always have your camera centered on spot you want to land, even if you are trying to land on a moving platform like in many of the levels. You want to time your jump for just before the platform is where you need it to be for you to stick your landing.

Fall Guys

Dive to Stay Alive
Knowing when to dive and when to jump dive is often the difference between beginner and veteran players. Hit the dive button while running to perform a low dive or jump first and then dive to perform a longer jump-dive. Jump-diving is very effective method to travel further than you would for a regular jump. If you are in the air and it looks like you are going to miss your landing, with an Omni Thumbstick on that right stick, you can easily adjust your aim and perform a last-second dive to save yourself from falling to elimination. You can also dive to avoid obstacles and to grab other players you are trying to catch.

Fall Guys

Grab on for Dear Life
Grabbing in Fall Guys is one of those tools that can really save your life sometimes, but it also very tempting to over use. You can grab ledges to make a jump, balls in certain team games, and other players at almost any time. Grabbing other players is a fun way to interact, but it can also be annoying and even get you eliminated if you aren’t careful about when you use it. You’ll occasionally see players willing to take you both out just for laughs or to help their friend win. If you spot one of these players, it’s best to avoid them and focus on your own strategy.

Fall Guys

Plan your Path
All the races in fall guys have multiple routes to reach the finish line. If you are unsure which route to take, spectating veteran players can give you some ideas. Players will often go for the “fastest” route, which usually has a good degree of risk to it. Depending on the level and lobby, consider picking the safer route to the finish line if you just need to qualify. In final races, picking the right path is essential to getting to that crown first.

Fall Guys

Use the Obstacles
Most of the obstacles in Fall Guys are designed to hinder the player and make it harder to win, but not always. Some obstacles like hammers, levers, and bumpers can actually be used to make your Fall Guy go faster or help you avoid other players. When approaching rotating hammers, always run past the ones that will hit you forward if they make contact, not backward. Same goes for moving bumpers. You want to make sure that if an obstacle hits you on it’s set path, it will either help you or affect you very little. Perfecting this skill can make for some impressive saves and highlights.

Fall Guys

Keep your Cool
Most importantly though, don’t panic and give up if you get a bad start. Anything can happen in Fall Guys. You could be in last place but end up winning the crown after everyone falls. In stressful situations like those, you want to have set of KontrolFreek Performance Grips on your controller to keep you in full control of your Fall Guy even when your hands are sweating and shaking in those final moments. Stick to your plan and trust the connection to your controller that you get with KontrolFreeks and you will make it to the final round more and give yourself a great chance to win more crowns!

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