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Community Spotlight: Optic Midnite

by Ashish Mistry 23 Jun 2017

screen_shot_2017-06-21_at_10.04.35_am_1024Here at KontrolFreek, we are extremely fortunate to work with some of the biggest names and top players in gaming. From pro gamers, to content creators with channels that are watched by millions, the FreekNation community is packed with talented and creative individuals. Our Community Spotlight features Monthly interviews with your favorite gamers and some of the biggest names in gaming.

This month, we got in touch with YouTuber, streamer and long-time champion of FreekNation, Optic Midnite. One of the top producers for the famous Optic Gaming, Midnite has been making content on her YouTube channel since 2010 and live-streaming her gameplay since 2013. Made famous by her Call of Duty videos, Midnite’s channel now hosts gameplay videos for a variety of titles as well as podcasts. Whether racing for the nuke in CoD, holding out for the win in H1Z1, or discussing new trends in gaming on her Powered Down Podcast, Midnite’s fans can always expect consistent quality and hilarious commentary in all of her videos and streams. If you aren’t subscribed to her channels, you are missing out! If you want to get to know her a little better, check out her responses to our questions below.

Ashley also helped us assemble a collection of her favorite products so fans can game like her. You can check out the Optic Midnite Bundle HERE!

Q: How long have you been producing content, and what inspired you to start?
A: I’ve been creating YouTube videos since 2010 and livestreaming since 2013. I was inspired by other CoD YouTubers at the time, I loved the idea of recording yourself and then later expressing yourself about the game or just ideas you have over the gameplay.

Q: Your videos span a lot of genres and styles. What is your favorite type of video to make and why
A: My favorite videos to make are live commentary gameplays over Call of Duty, particularly when going for a challenge or having something epic happen during the game, capturing not only the moment but my live reaction is awesome. In the past, around when I started YouTube I enjoyed making little movies/montages out of my clips, figuring out how to edit them and pick my favorite song was a lot of fun.

Q: Say someone hasn’t watched your channel before, what are a few key things they should know about you and the content you make?
A: Right now I still consider myself a Call of Duty YouTuber, but in this year’s kind of down pattern, I have focused on livestreaming on my Twitch more. I go live very often and have enjoyed building a community around my channel. I look forward to CoD WWII, and hope to post live commentaries, informative and funny videos surrounding its release.

Q: What is your most anticipated game of 2017?
A: Call of Duty WWII for sure!

Q: What advice might you have for someone who wants to start their own YouTube channel or turn gaming into a career?
A: I may have an interesting answer to this, as when I started there was no money/career tied to it, it was all very new. I had no concept at the time of where it would take me. Now, people can see where it can take you, and attempt to follow the path others have taken. Best advice I can give is to do it because you’re passionate about it, whether it’s expressing yourself, informing people, or building a community, start your channel because you love it. If it takes off like it did for me and so many others, then ride that wave!

Q: What’s your ideal KontrolFreek setup? (Thumbsticks, grips, shield, etc.)
A: My favorite KontrolFreek setup is always evolving, I like trying all the different styles and heights. Lately, my favorite setup is the KontrolFreek Alpha, I like that they are indented a bit, not domed, and provide good grip. Although they’re shorter than most KF’s, they’re very easy to control and are comfortable.

Quick Shot Questions – We asked Midnite to answer these as quickly as possible and without giving them too much thought!

Q: Better to be loved or feared?
A: Love, always!

Q: Chocolate or vanilla?
A: Chocolate

Q: Puppies or Kittens?
A: I love both so much, puppies

Q: Best song to get into the zone?
A: Black Dog – Led Zeppelin

Q: Best advice you’ve ever received?
A: It’s very simple advice, but “keep grinding”

Q: Worst advice you’ve ever received?
A: Maybe not advice, but I’ve had people tell me what I’m passionate about is a waste of time. That’s exactly what people who don’t follow their passions say. As long as your working towards something, and love it, do it!

That’s all the questions we had, but if you want to keep up with Midnite you can follow her Twitch channel HERE!

Stay tuned to KontrolFreek for future Community Highlight articles, and leave us a message in the comments below about who YOU want us to interview next!

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