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Community Highlight: ChaosxSilencer

by Ashish Mistry 19 May 2017

Here at KontrolFreek, we are extremely fortunate to work with some of the biggest names and top players in gaming. From pro gamers, to content creators with channels that are watched by millions, the FreekNation community is packed with talented and creative individuals. Our Community Spotlight features some of the biggest names in our network and you can expect monthly interviews with your favorite gamers.
This month we got in touch with YouTube star, ChaosxSilencer. Contrary to his name, there is nothing chaotic about the quality content he puts out on a daily basis. From going in depth on lore points and Easter eggs, to stellar gameplay videos and livestreams, Chaos’ videos never fail to impress. Currently standing with nearly 1.5 million subs on his main YouTube channel, Chaos fans know exactly where to look to find high-quality and informative videos. We recently had the opportunity to ask Chaos a few questions, so if you are interested in getting into a new YouTube channel, or if you simply want to know more about your favorite YouTuber, stick with us for our ChaosXSilencer highlight.

Chaos wanted to help prepare FreekNation for gaming, so as he was answering our questions, he was actually designing a new COLLECTION for FreekNation.

Q: How long have you been producing content, and what inspired you to start?
A: Right at six years, I watched a Camp Hutch video and decided I could do that as well, and here we are.

Q: Your videos span a lot of genres and styles. What is your favorite type of video to make and why?
A: My favorites are my video game related Top 10’s, I love putting things in list form and revisiting so many different types of games.

(You can check out one of Chaos’ Top 10 videos below!)

Say someone hasn’t watched your channel before, what are a few key things they should know about you and the content you make?
A: Consistency, you will get content every day and I pride myself on interacting with my viewers in the comments and on social media.

Q: What is your most anticipated game of 2017?

Q: What advice might you have for someone who wants to start their own YouTube channel or turn gaming into a career?
A: Do it for fun, don’t get into it for a career. Do it, have fun and see where it leads you.

Quick Shot Questions – We asked Chaos to answer these as quickly as possible and without giving them too much thought!

Q: Better to be loved or feared?
A: Loved

Q: Chocolate or vanilla?
A: Chocolate

Q: Puppies or Kittens?
A: Puppies

Q: Best song to get into the zone?
A: Any Eminem song

Q: Best advice you’ve ever received?
A: Live today like it’s your last

Q: Worst advice you’ve ever received?
A: Invest in the stock market lol

If you want to hear more about Chaos, you can check out his YouTube channel HERE and if you want to game like Chaos, don’t forget to check out his new BUNDLE here!

Stay tuned to KontrolFreek for future Community Spotlight articles, and leave us a message in the comments below about who YOU want us to interview next!

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