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Here Are Some Lesser-Known Facts About Anthem's Javelins (Mild Spoilers)

by Mason Moreau 22 Feb 2019

Iron Manthem

Ever since E3 2017, we've been incredibly intrigued by Anthem. And with the recent success of Apex Legends, EA seems to be on a hot streak.

Way back when EA first revealed this game, though, there was one big centerpiece that had everyone's imaginations running wild: the Javelins. Some Iron Man-like suits that can fly around this lush open word with style and ease (which is what surfer bros call "steaze").

So now that we know a ton more about this game, it's time to dive in and get to work. And to help you out we gathered up some helpful facts about each Javelin that'll help you choose which one to pick when it comes time to journey beyond the walls of Fort Tarsis.


  • Originally supposed to be the starting Javelin for all players
  • There is a slight delay in this between the target lock and actual missile firing when using this Javelin's Ultimate
  • Only Javelin that is able to deal all types of elemental damage


  • Can't be equipped with pistols (not that you would want to)
  • Choice Javelin of Helena Tarsis
  • Can Revive Enemies while shield is active


  • Powerful aura combo still has a cooldown, so no stringing combo chains together to continuously give enemies a status effect
  • In the Anthem's Lore, this javelin was designed by Corvus to scout new areas
  • Interceptor's ultimate, the Assassin's Blade, echoes damage after you hit an enemy. These echoes last 10 seconds.


  • Its abilities can be used to amplify the status effects dealt out by other teammates
  • Can fly around pretty much indefinitely, but jets will overheat after a while
  • Pairing frost shard with Storm's ultimate ability is the perfect combo to devastate a large group of enemies
  • In Anthem's lore, this is the only Javelin that can directly channel power from The Anthem of Creation, and is the product of painstaking Arcanist research

Hope these were helpful! Did we miss anything that might help out? Let us know in the comments! Also be sure to check out our breakdown of which battle royale is right for you.

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