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5 Creative Uses For KontrolFreek Performance Grips™ Strips

by Mason Moreau 26 Apr 2019

There Are So Many Ways To Strip

Not too long ago we announced Performance Grips™ Strips, a sheet of pre-cut strips of our wildly popular adhesive grip material. You can stick them to your triggers, bumpers, buttons, or pretty much anywhere on your controller for a truly custom experience.

Perhaps the most exciting thing though, is the fact that you don't even need to put Grips Strips (yes, they both have an S at the end) on pretty much anything. Here at KontrolFreek HQ we've been putting them on literally everything, and in so doing we've realized that the possibilities are seemingly endless.

We think our product development team really knocked it out of the park with these ones, so we decided to compile a list of some of the unorthodox ways we've been using Grips Strips, who knows? Maybe it'll spark some ideas of your very own.

Add Grip To Your Favorite Pen

When it comes to pens, if you're not shelling out the cash for a nice one, they generally come with only one good feature. If you want one that writes well, then it probably won't be very ergonomic. If you want one with a good grip, then odds are it won't be that satisfying to write with.

So if you have a favorite pen to write with that doesn't have enough grip, throw one of our extra thin Joy-Con Grips Strips onto where you generally hold it and increase the ergonomics of that bad boy! For our test, we tried spiralling it around the pen, but it's really up to personal preference.

Create a Clever Disguise

Every now and then, it's fun to sneak in somewhere you aren't supposed to be right? Well, oddly enough, we think Grips Strips make for a pretty convincing soul patch and handlebar moustache combo. Try it for yourself! Eventually you'll get to the point where you can create a whole new persona. Be anyone you want to be. Go anywhere you want to go. Do anything you want to do. All with the power of KontrolFreek Performance Grips Strips.

Keep Your Glasses From Slipping Off

Glasses, especially old pairs, do tend to fall off occasionally. Especially when you sweat. Luckily our honeycomb grip material was literally designed from the ground up for that scenario.

So if you're having problems with your glasses falling off or sliding down, cut one of your Grips Strips in half and stick them onto the earpieces (we used Gunnar Intercepts in the picture). Voila! Your glasses stay in place perfectly.

Make Your TV Remote More Tactile In The Dark

When watching movies or gaming in the dark sometimes you need to adjust the volume, but some remotes don't have backlights or physical indicators on them that determine which dial is volume, and which dial changes the channel.

BUT if you preemptively throw Grips Strips on one of the dials, you've taken care of that problem. No more accidentally switching channels when you meant to adjust the volume.

DSLR Microphone Wind Blocker

If you're like a few of us in the KF Office, you may own a DSLR Camera that you sometimes shoot video with. You also may have run into the problem of on-board microphones being placed at the top of the camera. This is a pretty commonly used design choice for DSLR cameras, but its wildly impractical. Wind blows over the microphones while trying to take video, and most cameras' software wind noise reduction really leave a lot to be desired (looking at you GoPro).

So we tried something. We took a camera that we had in office and placed Grips Strips directly behind the microphones. What we found was it actually did improve the audio. The millimeters of elevation that the strips provide really can do a lot to help break wind noise and bounce sound down into the microphones. In theory the padded material Grips Strips are made of should also slightly suppress background noise.

So, essentially, KontrolFreek Performance Grips Strips are even a way to enhance the audio quality of some cameras. Pretty cool huh?

What are some of your crazy uses for Grips Strips? Let us know in the comments below! Also be sure to check out our breakdown of why MK11's Character Customization is so awesome!

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